Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my kids want to grow up

A couple weeks ago I hit the great clearance sale at a large clothing store. It was awesome. Pants and shirts for the kids for under $5 a piece. Maternity pants for me for $8. It was grand. I bought several pairs of pants for Ainsleigh and wondered if they'd be a little long (whoever invented the adjustable waistband should be bronzed). No matter, that's what cuffing is for. Hemming, for the so-inclined. Cuffing for my kids. One pair of pants came with a belt. With a large metal ring/buckle. I tried to introduce a belt to her last year and it was not warmly received. THIS time, however...well. Let's just say that the first thing she said was, "Wow. Yeah, those look like college pants." College pants? College? I asked if she thought she'd wear them TO college? Oh that was ridiculous. No, mom. But they look like pants that Laura or Becca would wear. You know - someone IN college. And, of course, they are now her favorite pair of pants. My eyes can't roll wide enough.

But, of course, I flash back to the days when Allison and I would play "college" in our room. I don't remember really what we thought that meant. I think we had a dorm room. And boyfriends, of course. Always boyfriends. And school. Other than that, I don't really know what we were thinking. When we were actually IN college, we'd laugh about how *this* was not what we played. And yet, I suppose there is some kind of fascination? I guess the positives are that she has college as a goal (if only for the fashion sense), and that I've managed to pass on aspects of my imagination. Who knew those were inherited?

Donovan is also pretty obsessed with getting bigger. In a lot of ways he is a tremendous help. Have I mentioned before that he helps me unload the dishwasher? That he knows where all the utensils, measuring cups/spoons and tools go? Ainsleigh doesn't even know that - she has to ask him. And he helps her. For the utensils that go in the holder on counter (replace with technical term when one is invented), he hands them to me and tells me they want to go play with their friends, and then beams broadly when they're all reunited. "Happy spoons!"

A couple nights ago Joel was talking with Donovan and Dono was saying, "My head is getting bigger. It's going to be big like Jeff's. And then I'll be as tall as Jeff." This is funny on several levels (and now I'm going to explain WHY it's funny, which negates the funny, but oh well). First of all, Jeff DOES have a big head (I'm talking literally here, people). He knows it, my mom knows it, we all know it - nobody's getting offended here. Second, he IS tall. This might help others to not notice his big head - it's farther away from you. But, I don't really recall having any discussions with Dono about family head sizes, so that HE came up with this is amusing. Really, I think it was all about how tall Jeff was and how he wants to be that tall, but still. I like to think he noticed.

Jeff is often a topic of conversation around here. The kids want to know when he's coming again. They compare rollercoasters/rides to him (have you not seen the pictures from Christmas?). He is, in short, a marvel. We've been talking about their upcoming combined birthday party. It isn't until March, but I don't have any qualms about over-hyping events, especially ones that cost money. For the first time, we're doing a party out of the house. At one of those bounce houses (ahem hem, ALLISON). The kids talk about who they're inviting and what their cakes are going to look like. CAKES. The only bittersweet part is that they want all of my siblings (and their cousin) to attend. And the birthday budget doesn't include airfare. Sorry, family.

But it should be a good time. Lots of cake (apparently). Lots of jumping. Sliding. General mayhem. And it brings them one year closer to real college pants and a larger head. That's progress.