Thursday, January 17, 2008

some milestones

These are silly. I'll be honest. First, Donovan is now pronouncing his G's and K's correctly. This is sad, but also fun. Sad, because now he's "hun-gwee" and not "hun-jee," but fun because now other people can understand him. And, having him ask for "suh-cul cwackuhs because I hun-gwee" is pretty adorable.

Second, the kids are learning how to ride their scooters (which Dono still pronounces "soo-tuhs") in the basement and that's fun to watch. Also fun? When Donovan wears Ainsleigh's pettiskirt while riding his scooter.

We've got a nice mix going on, where Donovan wears Ainsleigh's dress-ups and likes to watch Barbie movies, but all while holding his bat to fight the Mouse-King. It's hard not to giggle at him when he comes to me and very seriously tells me he will kill the crocodiles for me. Apparently our house is infested with them. Good thing I have Donovan. I don't think regular pest control deals with crocs.

And this is silly, but yesterday I dropped Ainsleigh at school and she walked in by herself. Usually they line up outside and I stand there with her. It's not a big deal, but when it's really cold, it gets tricky with the juggling of everyones scarves/hats/mittens. And when it's below 25 degrees, they just take the kids right into their classrooms. So I asked Ainsleigh if she would like me to park and walk her in (though they'd make me leave her at the front door anyway), or if she wanted me to drop her off. She thought about it for a second and then said, "I think I can handle walking in by myself." It was one of those occasions where I was both relieved and sad. She stepped out of the car and walked confidently up to the front doors and then disappeared. I asked her later if she knew where to go and she looked at me like I was an idiot. Oooookay then. So today, since we were enjoying another balmy day in the mid-teens, I dropped her off again. It really is ridiculous how proud I am of her. She's like a real kid.

The only other milestone, sort of, is that Donovan can unload the utensils from the dishwasher all by himself. He does it one by one, walking back and forth between the dishwasher and the drawers, but it really does help! And the really entertaining thing is that when Ainsleigh tries to help, she has to ask Donovan where some of the stuff goes. And he KNOWS.