Thursday, January 17, 2008

visions of what is to come

So all afternoon I've been thinking there was something I forgot to say. So I added the "milestones." But still I had this nagging feeling. Did something happen that I really wanted to remember? Something important? Did I talk about meeting up with our friends in Hayward? Did I leave the oven on? (not that that's something to write about, but sometimes my "I forgot something important" wires get crossed)

And then, while washing dishes tonight, I remembered. The BABY. Yeah. I had my 20-week ultrasound. It took like an hour, I'm serious. I don't ever remember it taking that long. But the sonographer was really funny and educated us on all sorts of things that I never knew, and have probably already forgotten. She got a really clear look at the baby's hands and she got all excited, "Look! Look you guys! See the hand? See the pinky? Quick, before it closes. See how you can see all three digits? SEE?!" And I'm like yeah, we established about 8 weeks ago that our kid had fingers. Unless you're seeing a diamond ring growing on one of them, I'm not seeing why you're so excited. And then she explained that babies with Downs Syndrome don't have all three digits (segments? whatever) in their pinky fingers and that it's generally hard to get such a clear shot. So, I suck because I was all "Tell me something I DON'T know," about the fingers, and then she DID. And, really, I should be excited over each and every bone my baby has, I know. I KNOW.

Our first view was this:

Can't tell what that is? That's a thumbs up, people. Coming on the heels of the giant wave from 2 months ago, I can tell this kid is way cooler than me already. Then she moved onto the face. This picture is both cool and creepy at the same time. Behold, our alien child:

Can't tell what that is either? The black circle to the left is the giant brain. Moving slightly to the right, that's an eye socket. You can kind of see the shadow/outline of the nose, which appears to look like Donovan's, to me. You can take my word for it. And then to the right of that is the mouth. You want to know what else was cool/creepy? You could see tooth buds. TEETH! And then I remembered that that means we "get" to experience teething again. Masochists!

She moved down to the legs, and this is a side-by-side of the leg, and then looking up from the underside of the foot:

If you can't see that, I'm not going to explain further.

And then she zoomed out a little for some bigger profile shots.

See the head to the left? The little blur/ball thing right on top of it is the hand. Attached to an arm(!). And get this - we saw the baby SCRATCH ITS NOSE. Or, if it takes after Donovan, it might already be picking its nose in there. Anyway, along the bottom, and curving up you can see the spine. And the little dark spot near its bum is its bladder. Cuuuute!

Every now and then I feel this strange sensation and I haven't been sure what it was. It's not quite a braxton-hicks contraction (which I have occasionally), but it feels kind of similar. While we were looking at the baby, I started to get this odd sensation, and we beheld this:

It's a little blurry because of the motion, but the kid is STRETCHING. The legs were almost at a 90-degree angle at one point. DUDE. Real estate in Sarahville is at a premium. Neighbors don't look kindly on you expanding your boundaries. They know you're moving in. No need to do it faster than necessary. Anyway, it's nice to know what that feelings is from. And now I poke back and say, "Easy there, tiger. I like a good stretch as much as the next guy, but I've sacrificed sleeping on my stomach, so you need to learn this alleged fetal position. NOW."

And speaking of, can I whine for a second about my sleep? I so miss sleeping on my stomach. At least twice at night I'll wake up and inwardly groan that I can't roll over onto my stomach. And that is besides the twice I get up to go to the bathroom. And then last night I woke up a couple times because I thought Joel had poked me in the stomach (or Donovan? it's weird what you think in your groggy consciousness) and then realized it was the baby. But really, I'm grateful. Grateful to have a healthy baby growing. Grateful that it has (really) started moving around. Grateful that it has so many digits in its pinky fingers.

ps - we're still not finding out what we're having. the tech didn't even look. so there all you people who thought i wouldn't be able to not know. i don't. so THERE.


Gweneth said...

I haven't checked on your blog in a while, and looked what I've missed! Congrats on the new little one on its way. I also love the "Flat Aisnleigh" stuff. How totally clever!

I felt bad not being around when you visited. Perhaps another time.... I miss you and your family!

Gweneth said...

Oops! Ainsleigh -- Sorry, Ainsleigh -- my fingers didn't obey my brain......... :o)