Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Tonight I was eating dinner with the kids - lasagna and lots of salad (too lazy to cook a vegetable, what can I say?). Lasagna is the one food my kids can eat their fair share of. Salad is always well received, hence it's nightly showing, especially when it contains cucumbers (have I mentioned before how much they love them?). And, of course, it has to be with bleu cheese dressing. They're very particular. I had mixed up a salad dressing on Sunday when we hosted some friends for dinner, so I was having that, along with some gorgonzola crumbled on top. Ainsleigh was immediately interested.

A: What are you putting on your salad, mommy?
Me: This is called gorgonzola cheese.
A: Oh. It looks like bleu cheese.
Me: Yeah, it's kind of like it, but a little more pungent. Stinky, if you will.
A: Oh...can I try some?
Me (laughing): Suuuuure, but it's not usually the kind of cheese you just eat by itself. It's better ON something.
A: Ok, but I still want to try it.
Donovan pipes in: Me too! I want twie it!
I hand them each a crumble or two. Ainsleigh pops it into her mouth. Within seconds her head kind of shivers and her eyes open big.
A: Oh! (chewing) It's kind of good. (chewing) Oh! It kind of tastes like the zoo!
D: Oh. It taste wike my stinkyfoot.

I really can't add much to that. As I sat there sampling gorgonzola by itself, I had to admit - it DOES kind of taste like what the zoo smells like. I'll take Donovan's word for it. Heaven knows I've had to use the sentence, 'Take your foot out of your mouth,' more than once.