Monday, February 25, 2008


D: Mommy, I want my sungwasses.
Me: I can't reach them right now, Dono. I'm driving.
D: Das ok. I got it wif my stinky foot.
Me: Do you want to go outside and blow bubbles?
D: Yes! Can I go wif no shoes - just my stinky foot?
Me: Dono, you need to help me pick this mess up.
D: (holding up one foot at my face) STINKY FOOT!
Donovan has a "stinky foot." I put that in quotations because *sometimes* it doesn't stink - he just calls it his stinky foot. Don't get me wrong - sometimes it does stink ("Mommy - I need a baff to wash my stinky foot"). It's just so weird that calling it his "stinky foot" almost like it's stinkyfoot comes so naturally. A couple days ago I backed up and stepped on his foot. 'Ouch mommy! You stepped on my stinky foot!' Written out, it doesn't look nearly as funny as when he says it, but just try to change "foot" to "stinkyfoot" in your everyday conversation. As far as I can tell, it's his right foot. I've asked if the other foot is stinky and he says no - so maybe it's the Donovish translation to "right foot." Also, as in the case of that third exchange, he uses it as a skunk would use his stench - as a warning. As you may well imagine, a stinkyfoot is just about the worst thing ever. Wouldn't it be awesome if people started holding up a bare foot instead of a middle finger? Maybe I'll try to start a trend.

Ainsleigh was home sick Thursday and Friday. On Saturday we thought she was feeling better. Other than this lovely chunky-wet cough they've got lingering (which the doctor said could last up to a month - nice), they were both itching to get outside. And Saturday was beautiful. And then Sunday morning at 4 am Ainsleigh woke up crying that her ear hurt. Super. She got her first ear infection at the age of 4.5. Her second at nearly 6. So first thing Sunday morning found us at the Urgent Care center. If you get there before 8 am, you don't have to wait too long. If you get there after that, there are loads of people sniffling and moaning waiting to get in. Luckily we were breezing out with our prescription at that point.

"Do you have an ear wax problem in your family?" the nurse practitioner asked me at one point. At first I kind of laughed because while *I* don't think I have particularly waxy ears, I remember my mom saying my youngest brother had insanely waxy ears. And I've noticed that my kids are fair producers. But then the NP looked a little serious and I wasn't sure if that was her regular face or the 'I'm about to give you some verybadnews.' Turns out, that was her regular face. She went and got some little loop thing to clean out Ainsleigh's ear and when she removed a small potato from her ear, Ainsleigh looked at it and then shrieked, "That's DISGUSTING!!!" It was the kind of extraction my dad would have cackled and shivered with delight at. And as gross as it was, I did think it was kind of cool. Who doesn't appreciate having stuff cleaned out?

Less than 24 hours later, she's doing just fine. And I hope we're done with this sickness stuff for a while. I think those home-bound days were part of what did me in. Donovan is so much more likable when we're on the go and getting stuff done. This morning we chatted on our way to Target before I went to volunteer in Ainsleigh's class. When he's awful, I want to hang myself. but when he's happy he's my little buddy. Of course, I can't say that to him because he maintains that Ainsleigh is his buddy. I thought that meant he could only have one buddy, but on the way to Target this morning, after his stinkyfoot retrieved his sunglasses for him, I heard him say, 'Thank you stinkyfoot. You my buddy.' *insert giant eyeroll here*