Tuesday, March 18, 2008

crocs, birthdays and babies

I am a true Coloradoan now - I own a pair of Crocs. I finally broke down because my feet have been killing me - perhaps literally. All I know is that by mid-afternoon my feet, especially my heels, have been almost numb with pain. And that directly affects my mood. For the worse. So I decided that perhaps walking barefoot on my hardwood floors wasn't the best idea and I needed some comfy house-shoes. So last Friday I took the kids to Target for their croc-knock-offs (when Ainsleigh heard *I* was going to get crocs, she begged and pleaded for a pair. Fine. But you get the Target version, my dear) and then to REI for MY crocs. In my defense, I did get the chocolate mary jane version. A girl has SOME standards, even in the midst of pain. And they really are worth it - my feet feel sooooo much better.

But before that, on Thursday, we celebrated both Donovan and Ainsleigh's birthdays at Monkey Bizness, a warehouse-type place full of bounce houses and obstacle courses and a crazy huge jungle gym type thing that made the kids look more like hamsters than children. It was great fun, especially once Donovan decided to take on the 2-story slide they had there. It was hilarious. I'm still trying to download the photos, but here's a 2-minute video:

And yesterday I had a check-up. They wanted to do an ultrasound first to make sure my placenta, which was kind of overlapping my cervix (for the uninformed: if it didn't move, which it *usually* does, I would have to have a c-section, or risk hemorrhaging), had moved away. The tech says, "See this - I'm measuring how far away the placenta is now. It's 3 cm." Ruh-roh, I thought. That's not good. "That's good," she says. Really? Three CENTimeters is good? She laughed and assured me it was. I don't really know what I was thinking - I suppose if it was a foot away it would be on it's way to my lungs? And that isn't ideal either? Anyway, yay for that. Full speed ahead to birthing time. The baby is measuring a little ahead, but I don't put to much stake in that since a) they told me while IN labor with Ainsleigh that she'd be 7.5-8 pounds (hello 5-14), and that Donovan would be tiny at 4 weeks early (7 pounds that early is NOT tiny). So, whatever. Also, I seem to have a lot of amniotic fluid. Not *too* much, but on the high side of normal. What does this mean? Just that the baby is processing the fluid extremely efficiently (high metabolism? s/he gets that from Joel, not ME) aaaaaand that I have a greater chance of going into pre-term labor. Or my water breaking early due to the sac being stretched. reeeeeeeally. Tell me something I wasn't already anticipating. So, yeah. Par for the course, or so it seems.

It was really weird seeing the baby on the ultrasound this "late" in the game. Even though it was black/white, you could totally see facial features. And tomorrow is our big 3D/4D ultrasound - I'm so excited! It's still weird to me to know that the thing poking and prodding me is an actual person-shaped thing. A couple nights ago Joel and I were watching as it shifted around inside. At one point you could totally see an arm roll past. It was like watching when the kids play under a blanket. So weird and so cool all at once. And a bit uncomfortable.

Hey - my dishwasher is finally fixed. The redeeming value I get out of broken appliances is that when they're fixed, I really do appreciate the hard work they do. So now, each time I open my dishwasher, I tell it how much I love it and how much I appreciate it being there. And while it's (quietly!) running, I whisper sweet-nothings about it's efficiency. And while I'm unloading it, I praise it's good work and how it has improved my quality of life. Come to think of it, I think all of this could be applied to Joel, as well. I'm just glad HE hasn't been recalled.

On a final (kind of annoyed) note - I just went to get the code for the above video and saw that someone rated my Donovan Birth Video with ONE FREAKING STAR. One? Are you serious? This isn't golf, people. And didn't your mother ever tell you if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all?! Sheesh. I mean, I know I've been struggling with his personality lately, but that doesn't make Donovan's arrival one star. And so, I wish that person a body of papercuts and a lemon-juice bath.

And I shall console myself with these:

One star. Pshaw.