Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I love previews

Say hello to our baby! Today we had our 3D ultrasound and it was amazing. I've looked at 3D ultrasound pictures before and I always thought, "Wow, that's someone's baby!" And then I was there on the table with the ultrasound probe on my belly and looking at these pictures of MY baby and thinking, "Wow, that's someone's baby!" I kind of had to do a cartoonish shake of my head, complete with lips flapping, and realize that, "Wow, that PERSON is mine!" It really brought to the forefront that I am some weird combination of a Russian nesting doll and a kangaroo (of course with less hopping) whose joey can't find the pouch opening.

It was weird because the photos were sometimes blurry because of motion, so the nose looks a little wider than it did on the video (if that makes any sense). And, again, we got to see that the odd stretching I feel down low every now and then is a nice maneuver this baby does where it brings its feet up to its head and then pushes out. It is as uncomfortable for me as you might imagine. But hey, whatever makes YOU happy, baby. At one point the tech zoomed in on a hand and our ridiculously awesome baby once again gave us a thumbs up. Check it:

And while I know this baby needs to stay nestled in there a bit longer, seeing the face just made me want to hold the baby NOW. We even got a glimpse of it's bum and it's so cute. My baby has a butt-crack! Wheeeee! The tech knew we didn't want to know what the gender was and she stayed clear of those nether regions, so we are still clueless as to what this baby is. From the first few shots I remarked that I thought the baby had Ainsleigh's prominent lower lip. From the whispered, 'Yusssssss!' and the fist-pump from her corner, I take it she was pleased.

She has been doing that a lot lately - the fist-pump in the air with either a 'Yusssss!' or a 'Wooooooo!' under her breath in response to just about anything that agrees with her. It ranges from the news that her friend is coming over to play, to asparagus(!) for dinner, to learning that her annual doctor check-up is Friday. Gotta love a good outlook on life. Everything's coming up Ainsleigh! And really, try it - the next time things are going your way, do a little fist-pump. It helps make it seem even better.

In a week or two we'll have the video on DVD and I can post a link (I'm sure it will be just as fascinating to everyone else as it is to me). For now, I shall just gaze at the photos on my fridge, amazed that there's a person inside me, and that we now have the technology to show my kids that we could see them before they could see us.