Tuesday, March 4, 2008

it's March already?

I'm really proud of Ainsleigh - she has done really well on her last three spelling tests. It's kindergarten, so they send home a list of 10-12 words and when the child knows them, they take the list (signed by parent) back to school and the teacher gives them a spelling test. But I'm proud that she has worked through her lists relatively quickly. She is really funny to read/spell with because when I say something like, "Well, this word is kind of funny because the 'ea' actually sounds like 'ee.'" And then she'll read the word and laugh uproariously - like it's the funniest thing she has ever heard of. Which, I suppose, you have to do or else you'll cry because the English language is so DUMB. Poor kid is trying to learn basic concepts and then I have to say, 'Well, this doesn't have a rule - it's just weird,' and she wrinkles up her nose and says, nodding conspiratorially, "That is SO weird, mom." She's a good sport.

Donovan, on the other hand, is just very proud of himself. "I do it bobble myself, MOM." He is indignant that HE will do things himself. The maturity that he thinks he's exhibiting is only slightly undermined by him throwing in "bobble" instead of "all by." Really, though, I love it, and I am already sad for the day he'll outgrow it. He still throws out the occasional "poo bad" when something is too bad. Now, though, this is usually preceded by, "Oh PAWN mom." No, Donovan, you cannot have that candy. "Oh PAWN Mom - PWEEZ?!" No. "Aw, poo bad." I will admit to saying no just to hear him say "Oh PAWN" and "Poo bad." I love his expanding, however inaccurate, vocabulary.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. My new dishwasher is being delivered. I don't like paying for new appliances, but I LOVE having them delivered. Our old one hasn't been draining and while it is still cleaned the dishes ok, it required me to scoop water out of the bottom every few days (something that is getting harder to access). So Joel set about trying to fix it. And by "fix" I mean "make it worse." So Saturday night we discovered that his hard work resulted in the water still backing up and now the dishes not being cleaned at all. I immediately went to the computer and ordered a new dishwasher ("luckily" I learned that our dishwasher had been recalled because it was in danger of blowing up or something, so we get a $300 credit - woohoo!). So Sunday afternoon found me washing the dishes that had piled up on the counter, along with the dishes that had filled the dishwasher. It was then that I decided we were going to use whatever paper products we had. I've been washing dishes still, but as few as possible since at night my feet are killing me and the last thing I really want to do is stand there scrubbing dishes.

Also, I have one of the greatest friends in the world. A couple months ago I was lamenting the absence of diet Pepsi Vanilla in the state of Colorado (stupid Pepsi and their anti-Colorado stance). Oh well, whateryougonnado? Whine a bit and pine for it, but that's it. Right? Except that THIS friend found it available online somewhere and had two 12-packs shipped to me. Sweet fancy moses, it was like Christmas! And so, jimson, you totally shouldn't have, and yet I'm very grateful you did. Wheeeee!

Today Donovan and I went to Target to get a couple things, along with popcorn (awesome!), and I also picked up a box of Backyardigans fruit snacks. Once we got in the car, I let Donovan have a pack while we drove to the spice store. As I drove, I heard him say, "Heh-whoa Ty-wone, I eat you now. Heh-whoa Pah-bwhoa, I eat you now. Heh-whoa You-nee-kuh, I eat YOU now..." and so forth. He is nothing if not polite, I suppose?

And now, some pictures. Saturday was beautiful - 70 degree weather. So we played on the swingset. Ainsleigh looking swinglamorous:

Donovan shows his stinkyfoot:

And, a rare glimpse of me in my glory:

Ainsleigh compares bellies:

And she tries to hug me:

It's only going to get puffier, shinier and more bewildered. I'm under 100 days. I have a carseat, a sweet baby bed/hammock, an all-white going-home outfit, and Easter candy. I am totally prepared for this.