Thursday, March 6, 2008

this just in: churros and a nap fix stuff

It's amazing what a good nap will do for me. Sleeping, lately, has been a crapshoot. Between having a cold and the backaches, I never know how my night will be (and then throw in some leg aches and kids on top of that). One night I'll find a sleeping position that will be fabulous. The next night - no dice. And, of course, there's the inevitable, 'Oh, I'm so comfortable but I so need to empty my walnut-sized bladder...' and then upon returning to bed cannot quite find that sweet spot again.

But today, with 4 pillows and a pair of earplugs, I managed to find just the right balance. Donovan, also, found HIS right balance between 3 stuffed animals, 2 blankets, a pedometer (?) and a maraca (??). To each his own.

We had a low-key dinner of bean and rice burritos with homemade guacamole and plenty of salsa and sour cream. I've decided to try to feed the kids dinner before 6 - something I've thought about before, but never really executed successfully. I think it may help Donovan's afternoon mood. Perhaps not, but I'm willing to try.

After dinner, Ainsleigh did her nightly sentence homework while I washed dishes. There's nothing quite so surreal as stepping outside yourself while completing something that you remember visualizing when you were much younger. I'm washing dishes after dinner, while helping my kid with homework, while another one played nearby and another one played even nearer by (apparently this baby liked guacamole - obviously a genius already). It was just one of those moments where I remember wondering what it would be like, and how different I'd be and how much more I'd know. And then I realize I'm both very and not much different and I do know a lot more, but also not as much as I thought I would. And I wonder what another twenty years will bring. And it makes me both love and laugh my parents all the more - for doing such a good job of giving me a happy and safe and loving home, all while probably not really knowing what they were doing. They were a fine balance of genius and clueless. Someday my kids will figure that out about me as well. For now, they'll just think I'm crazy smart for knowing how to spell words or how to make food. I just wish I could find the secret to a good night's sleep. Perhaps I'll try sleeping with Donovan's maraca tonight.