Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Joel has been taking the good camera everywhere with him, so I am left with the smaller, less crisp camera. But a picture is better than nothing, right? So I pulled the pictures off that Donovan had taken. I don't know where the knight-bear is, but Dono - excuse me, I'm only allowed to refer to him as Robin Hood right now - Robin Hood informed me that the teddy bear on the far right is a pie-bamp-pire. It took some deciphering since I wasn't sure if that was a pirate or a vampire or a pirate vampire, but he assures me that he is a vampire. Obviously. I mean, don't look at his corduroy coveralls - he's wearing a bow-tie. Duh. So without further ado, here is Robin Hood's handy work:

And I'm pretty dang pleased with myself these days. We have recycled a Peter Pan costume and I created a quiver with arrows (no points - and they're glued in there so as not to become weapons - these are the things you learn from trial and error) and a small sword. He is most proud ("Mom, can I sweep with my eh-woes on?" No - and you may also not sleep with your sword. This is not the 1300's), reassuring me that he really feels like Robin Hood. That's better than a thank-you (which have also been in abundance).

Donovan at school
(he wasn't allowed to take his sword to school.
if you have to ask why, then you don't know anything about children.)

Gemma is largely unimpressed, but that's ok. Next year when she can walk and get candy, I'm sure her view will change. I think her costume really brings out her eyes. No seriously.

This morning was hectic - getting Ainsleigh off to school after fixing her tail, getting Donovan ready, putting frosted sugar cookies on plates to deliver (seriously - they're called The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies for a reason - make sure you bake them only 6-7 mins and then try not to eat them all), taking Donovan to his school, taking pictures there, racing back to Ainsleigh's school to watch her parade and make sure she saw me, racing out to people's homes to drop off cookies, feed Gemma, race back to get Donovan, and so forth.

I almost forgot about the glow bracelets and sticks I got at Target about a month ago (thank you, dollar spot) (can you believe I haven't been to Target in almost a month?! thank you, busy schedule and tanking economy), but got them out and Donovan is really impressed. I don't know what it will take to impress Gemma. Maybe if I dressed up like a pirate vampire.


NancyO said...

Yay! I was hoping I wouldn't have to wait to see some cute Halloween pictures. The kids look really great and I'm impressed with Dono's photography skills. Happy Halloween!

Allison said...

Cute! Love all the costumes, and while you mentioned Ainsleigh was forgoing the princess route, I'm surprised how non-girly her cat costume is. No skirt? I can't remember the last time I saw her in pants...

lazycrazymom said...

Your kids are so adorable! I think Donovan is a crack up. I can't believe how much Gemma looks like an Ostler.