Friday, November 7, 2008

Donovan today

As Donovan was walking out the back door to fulfill his daily quota of swinging, he paused and said, "Wait...weh is it?" and began pulling up his shirt, to reveal a magnifying glass sticking out of his underwear. "Donovan? Why is your magnifying glass in your underwear?" He shrugged a little sheepishly and said, "I thought it was yike a pocket. A big bottom pocket." I shudder to think what else might be in there.

Also, I guess he got tired of watching Ainsleigh play with her Leapster, so in attention-demanding swing of his golf club, he whacked her in the head. I am kind of at my wit's end as to how to adequately punish this kind of behavior, so after banishing him to his room for half an hour, I told him he could come out but he had to be Ainsleigh's servant until dinner. So far he has had to clean up part of her room, get her a drink of water, and scratch her back while she played legos. This last one was incredibly torturous since he is usually the one demanding and loving backrubs. Every now and then he would whine, "Can I stop now?" and Ainsleigh would say, "No! This feels good!" Donovan is learning a hard lesson in consequences.

More and more, I'm dealing with his tantrums. They don't last long, but they almost all involve either a giant stamp of the foot or slapping the wall or throwing something. Yesterday he was standing next to the oven and, I guess for emphasis, decided to open it forcefully. Except that when he did, it bonked him in the head. funny. Come on. So I laughed, "Haha, you were mad and hit yourself in the head! Har-har!" Needless to say, HE was not amused. But dude, if you're going enact a slapstick routine, I'm going to be entertained.

And as I told my mom, sometimes I have to laugh so I won't do my own giant stomping around (which, sadly, is not totally extinct here either).


Wanda said...

I SO wish I had thought of the servant thing when you were kids! I would have made you be MY servants... Oh wait, you were... at least you all thought you were!

laura said...

Okay, that servant thing is both genius and totally hilarious. I need to remember that for when i have kids. Ooh, and even for when I have just a husband.

Anonymous said...

I've been catching up on your posts and as usual, they always make me smile! I love the video of Jemma laughing! and your house is gorgeous! You're not looking so bad yourself, Sar! heather

jlui said...

Thanks so much for the laugh!! You have quite the talent for wit and humor. Thank you!!