Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little ladybug and her obnoxious bro

As of Saturday, Gemma was 6 months old. I can hardly believe it. She's getting so big and interactive, that it was with much anticipation that we trotted down to the pediatrician for her 6-month check-up. Ooooh, will she weigh the same as Ainsleigh did at this age? Will she outweigh her? Surely she will - she's getting so big! And yet...sweet dainty Gemma has proven, yet again, how sweet and dainty she is. She weighs in at a wispy 14 lbs (to Ainsleigh's meaty 14-10 and Donovan's obscene 20-something) and measures 24.5 inches - a full two inches shorter than Ainsleigh. I suspect Gemma was doing her best to compress her wee spine, so just maybe she has another half an inch in her. But anyway, she is determined to remain pocket-sized and portable and I kind of love her for that.

Gemma enjoying some butternut squash

Also what I love her for? Her ability to blow raspberries with such vigor that, if she is on her back on her blanket, it looks like someone misted her with a spray bottle. And her blanket is so wet that Joel asks if she had an accident (um yeah, and then I let her just lay in it. thank you, dear, for that vote of confidence). I especially like it when she does it in the middle of, oh, say, a Sunday School lesson. Or if a stranger peers at her at Target. I told her we should work out a system where a series of winks from me should get her to do it, but we're still in trials on that one.

Donovan trying to get Gemma to eat "duh yast yittle bit."

Gemma is finished.

What I love about Donovan? The way he practices the word "silver" over and over ("sihr-vol...sihr-ver...sil-vol...sil-ver...sihr-vol") and finally says, "Ack-shwee, mom, I fink I wihw juss say gway." Or the way he holds onto the front of the shopping cart and rides, one arm hooked onto the basket, the other raised in a "Charge!" motion, saying, "All aboard!" as we cruise through the grocery store. Until I realize that his tune has (literally) changed to be an original composition and the lyrics are: "I wuv to go potty standing up! Standing up is so fun! I sit down at home, but when we are not at home I get to stand! I wuv to go potty standing up!" Repeat who knows how many times until I casually-but-strongly suggest he sing something else. It WAS kind of catchy, though.


Melin said...

I love him.

ann michele said...

love the "raising redheads" are you guys?