Sunday, November 23, 2008

the pros and cons of last week

Three things that made last week awesome:
1. On Friday Donovan, Gemma and I went to Ainsleigh's school for their annual Turkey lunch. Mad props to myself for deciding to sign up for this, despite thinking, "Cafeteria food? Meh." Because apparently EVERY parent goes. Sometimes BOTH parents (I heard Ainsleigh say to one of her friends, "My dad is at WORK." Like yeah, what are the rest of you dads doing? Donovan was thrilled to handle his own tray and, actually, did a pretty good job with eating his meal.

2. Donovan whispering lines from "Robin Hood" into my ear as a prompt. Why he can't just do both parts is beyond me. Also, it helps balance out the times I'm in the shower and he opens the bathroom door and yells, "I'm not eating snacks!" or "I wasn't in Ainsleigh's room!" before slamming the door shut. Um...methinks the lad doth protest too much?

3. Joel has been cutting back (read: stopped) the work that has made him a walking zombie for the past, oh, 6 years. For the first time (weekdays, that is), he is coming to bed at the same time as me (or, gasp, falling asleep BEFORE me!). Because of this, I think I'm actually falling asleep later because we are laying in bed talking and things are a bazillion times funnier at that point and, well, I kind of love it. Also, the upside is that he says he feels more alert during the day. Wait, sleeping more makes you alert? This is going to turn the world on its ear.

Two things that bugged me last week:
1. I get that we have a lot of wildlife in our area. I get that sometimes a bunny thinks it can cross the road before the oncoming car reaches it. I get that sometimes that bunny is dumb and ends up roadkill. And I get that other wildlife (coyotes, foxes, etc.) will come and feast on this surprise midnight buffet. What I do not get, is why one said wildlife felt it necessary to dine so recklessly as to drag what I can only imagine was the bunny's small intestine from the road across the SIDEWALK so that as I was out for my morning exercise, it greeted me as a sort of finish line tape, albeit on the ground. I kind of threw up inside my throat. And really, that's just disgusting (both).

2. The smug arrogant holier-than-thou attitude adopted by the loan officer/solicitor/equitywhore who called ME, claiming he could lower my monthly payment, and then after seeing that no, actually, he couldn't, proceeded to get a little hostile over the fact that I don't want to pay $11THOUSAND dollars in closing costs to BUY A POINT and keep my current payment the same, but reduce the length about 5 years. (and I think at some point he used the term "mute point" which, had it been about 10 minutes later when I was ticked, I would have reached through the phone and cut him.) I was all good at chatting and staying amicable while folding my clothes until I had said, "No thanks, I'm not comfortable with that," a couple of times and I could sense he was getting irritated. Did I hang up? No, I dropped the laundry and proceeded to unleash a torrent of "I don't appreciate" and "I said I WASN'T COMFORTABLE" and "I also said I didn't want to add to my balance" and "Your attitude perfectly reflects why we are in the current economic crisis" and "If this is how you deal with customers, perhaps you need to find another line of work." And if anyone for a second thinks I did NOT get my dander up and go guns-ablazing at this smarmy blowhard, then you obviously have never engaged in a verbal war debate with me before. Keep it that way. (Joel is doing the eyes-wide rapid head-nod of desperate agreement)


laura said...

That guy's an idiot. Everyone knows the term is "moo point."

Alice said...

I love pillow talk. Jared always makes me laugh before we go to sleep and gets me all riled up, then he zonks out and I'm wide awake.

ALEX & KARI said...

Will has the same shirt Donovan is wearing in that picture. Wonderful fashion sense.

Your story about the bunny intestines reminds me of living on Highland Blvd. I never knew what I was going to encounter when I walked out the door there. I especially appreciated the wild turkeys and pit bulls. :)

Nataluscious said...

Ah the Sarah I know and love. B often talks about this Sarah. And how the two of us together scare the bejeebies out of him. How I wish I was there to watch you in action. Just like the good old days.