Monday, November 24, 2008

Where are my pearls?

I just sent this to Joel as a suggestion for Christmas: Wow*
To which he replied, "You always want the most glamorous gifts."

Can I help it if my favorite Christmas gifts have been my Dyson vacuum, my Santoku knife and my food processor?

*huh - when I posted the link it was $88 - if you wanna play, comment with what price it shows you and we can watch it rise together. get a bowl of popcorn - this is going to be riveting.


Christina said...

That is too funny! I keep telling Jared & I want a wheat grinder for Christmas and he doesn't believe me. He thinks I will get mad if he gives one to me on Christmas. :)

Lisa said...

What a proper housewife :)

But seriously, that's a great deal! But I'm just wondering why Amazon decided that it pairs well with baby blocks? A little odd...

Nataluscious said...

Could those BE a better price? I actually want pots and pans myself for Christmas but am wondering if I will be disappointed if I actually get them. But at that price, who can complain?

And btw Lisa, I don't know you but I dare say the pairing makes sense because the kids play with the blocks while you get to make dinner ;). That Amazon... always thinking.