Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Have you ever watched as a balloon has taken weeks, even months to deflate? This is what happens when you have kids and they just love the balloon so much that throwing it away would be the biggest tragedy of their lives. You see it every few days and notice that ever so slowly it is shrinking. While doing so, it puckers in certain areas and morphs from a beautiful globalish sphere to shapes more commonly found in Rorschach tests. You begin to take pity on the balloon - it's not really a balloon any more, but it also has not completely withered. And you know that even if all the air completely escapes, which in reality you know it won't since the latex doesn't have the strength to push it all out, that it has been pulled and stretched so much that it will never return to its original strong state. And you look at it, in its pathetic neither inflated-nor-deflated limbo, with its weird latex herniations and puckers and a cold horror washes over you as you realize...you are that balloon. *sigh*


Jeff said...

As my metabolism begins to slow, my greater fear is that I am that balloon during its inflationary period.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Half way through your post I new exactly where your post was heading. double sigh.