Tuesday, December 2, 2008

turkey, nudity and belly flops (what could be a more natural grouping?)

Yesterday was pretty awesome, as far as Mondays go. It started with me going to the grocery store to see if there were still turkeys on sale for cheap (pun!). Longish story super short, some pricing error on their side resulted in me walking out with a 20-pound turkey for free. That's right - FREE. When they refunded me the incorrect amount, I was so confused because I didn't see where they had then charged the correct amount. And when I asked, the lady shrugged and said, "It was our mistake. You get it for free." Niiiiiice. So automatically I'm feeling pretty good.

Then we come home and Donovan is extremely helpful (in a totally unsarcastic way) with bringing in the groceries, putting things away and just generally being awesome.

After Ainsleigh got home from school, it was the mad dash to do homework and eat something before heading to the pool for swim lessons and more swimming. Upon arriving at the pool, I begin to help him pull off his shirt and he squeals that my hands are cold (no surprise there). So I take the opportunity to tickle him. He is giggling his infectious laugh and trying to get away and in his enthusiasm, he pulls off his sweats AND swimsuit and begins to sprint to the pool. Now. This is in violation of two rules: running and nudity. Ok, actually I've never seen a nudity rule, but it must exist. Right? So I'm trying to call him back while doubled over laughing so hard my sides hurt. And he's just looking at me like, "What?!" I point out that he has not a stitch of clothing on and he just looks down and then back up and cartoonishly shrugs while dropping his head to one side, saying, "WELL! Are you going to tickle me?!" Anyway, he did return to his swimsuit and luckily the pool was practically empty, so no harm done.

And then he busted out some heretofore absent swimming skillz and actually (*gasp*) voluntarily blew bubbles and kicked and went under water. After his lesson, he was playing in the pool by running into it and then trying to dive but more like bellyflopping into the water. I've never seen such aquatic enthusiasm from him before. And then it all became clear when, on the 27th time, he came over and said, "Hey mom. I'm doing just wike Wahbin Hood does." Ahhhhh. Of course. Whatever Robin Hood does, Donovan does. And there's a part where Robin Hood dives into the water. I wish there was a part where Robin Hood doesn't hit his sister. Or whine. Or talk back. Get on that, Disney.

So really, nothing remarkable beyond a free turkey, some skinny dipping, and some swimming improvement. But in my book, that makes a Monday highly successful.


Shira said...

Thank goodness for Robin Hood!! Sounds like an awesome day to me. :) Where is Dono's shirt from- we LOVE!