Monday, January 26, 2009

A week of Ainsleigh

I love how Ainsleigh continues to surprise me. Last Monday, she knew she was home from school because of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. I was curious as to what they had been teaching at school about the civil rights' movement. On the one hand, it is a very real and serious and important aspect of our history. On the other, part of me wonders how she would view other people if it never even entered her imagination that it was possible to treat people differently based on the color of their skin. But anyway, I asked her what she knew about Mr. King. She said, "We learned...he wanted to make things fair. Things weren't fair and he didn't think that was right." I thought that was a really simple and true way to describe that.

On Tuesday, as we walked home from school (did I mention it has been in the upper-60's and 70's last week? delightful), she kept singing, "Today Barack Obama is moving into the White House! Yaaaaaay! Today is a goooooood day!" This, also, surprised me since although Joel and I were very much in support of Mr.-now-President Obama, and the kids saw our lawn sign(s) and knew we volunteered, I was careful not to press it too hard. I remember in third grade sitting at lunch and kids asking each other who their parents voted for and one girl said her dad had voted for Mondale and some kids ridiculed her until she cried. What do kids know? I wanted Ainsleigh to understand that people had choices and while we were happy with who won, we weren't going to make a big deal about it. Anyway, we get home and I show her part of the Inauguration and at one point the camera pans the Mall. "Hey!" she shouted, getting really excited, "That's where Martin Luther King gave his big speech!" I am so grateful that she is being taught in such a good and safe environment.

That night, as we knelt beside her bed, I reminded her that we were focusing on being grateful in our prayers. She launched in, covering our family, friends, teachers, neighbors, things, talents, etc. She was just about finished when she quickly said, "And we are SO thankful that Barack Obama is our President and moved into the White House today." After she closed and stood, she looked at me a little sheepish and shrugged, "What? I thought that would be a good thing to say?!" Heh. Yes, little one, it is a wonderful thing to say. I guess it just surprised me because I hadn't thought to include that in my own prayers.

On Wednesday, Ainsleigh had her appointment to get her snaggletooth out. She was actually really looking forward to it (so was I), but then that could be because she didn't know what was in store. The appointment had originally been scheduled for 4, which was great because then we'd go right after school. When the dental office called at 2:15 to see if she could come in early, or reschedule, I kind of started to panic. I could NOT tell this wee girl that we were going to put this off. But I also didn't know how to get her from school. Sounds lame? It is. See, I remember taking notes to school when we were going to have to leave early. But I hadn't sent one to school. Could I still get her? I called the school. "Oh sure! Just come in and sign her out." Huh, that was easy. As I drove over to the school, it occurred to me: I'm the mom. This is my kid. I can take her whenever I WANT. I don't know what I was afraid of - that the principal would have a talk with me? Anyway, it was a weird, and oddly empowering, realization.

Ainsleigh was a champ at the dentist. And for all you extremely helpful people with your billions of (already futilely tried) suggestions, just know that even the dentist himself was surprised at how strong her gums are. He had to use some tool that he usually has to use for teeth with roots still attached. "She's got good collagen," he said. Which apparently means she's really healthy. But also means her gums don't like to let go. But he numbed her up good and yanked the thing out and now she lisps and, quite frankly, it's adorable.

If you think she looks a little tired, that's because a)she is, and b)I'm the camera person and picture downloader and Joel will come home tonight and tsk at my abilities and say I should wait for him to do it and then we'll go watch 24 and bowl on the wii and go to bed and it will be another day without new pictures.

"Hey mom, don't you want to take a picture of me, too?" Donovan asked.
Of course, buddy.

She was thrilled because I told her that I was pretty sure that although the tooth fairy brings $1 per tooth (who are you people who do $5 a tooth?! pshaw!), she brings $5 if you have to get it pulled at the dentist. She went to bed the night before whisper-chanting, "Five doll-ars! Five doll-ars!" And can I admit that I kind of dread the emergence of the giant adult teeth? I think that's where kids begin to lose their cuteness. I'll keep you posted.


ericandjanine said...

Good night! I think that I would have told Maryn that her money from the tooth fairy needed to be donated to the "paying for the dentist" fund!

Nataluscious said...

I am SO with you on the adult teeth! I sort of dread that 8 year old phase where they have those two big front teeth. What if I think my kids aren't cute anymore? These are the things that keep me up at night.

Allison said...

Awwww, Ainsleigh looks like just a big girl without her front teeth! Good luck with the rest of them, anchored in as they apparently are...

sarah h. said...

Mondale! I knew as I typed Dukakis that it was wrong. And I thought I should check. And then I remembered that I didn't really care.

laura said...

Yay Ainsleigh! And by the way, if mom could still think I was cute (or at least claim to) with my mushroom haircut, I think Ains will be just fine.

And, heh, my word verification to post is "elect". How fitting!

Margo said...

She is so super cute. I just love the bows. they are perfect.