Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why hello there January, so nice of you to stop by.

When I am greeted with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s, I am practically giddy as we don flip-flops and go for walks and play outside. Today I took the opportunity to hang Gemma's Christmas present on the swingset and give her a ride. She LOVED it. The kids came sprinting down the lawn from the trampoline (their "clubhouse" at the moment) to jump on the swings next to her. Gemma kept doing that cross between an inhale and a giggle as she looked over at them.

Earlier today Donovan expressed a real desire to have a picture taken with his baby sister. I love when he gets all dramatic about "someping" he needs to tell me. So I had to oblige. Joel is out of town for a few days and, of course, took the good camera. At one time *this* was the good camera (I thought) but now I've been spoiled and I see why a really good camera costs as much as it does. Ah well. Behold the second and third:

If you look really *really* closely, you can just make out the faint dusting of strawberry hair. I doubt she'll have much by her first birthday, but it's there. I take comfort in knowing Allison was bald until, like, age 6 or something. And she hasn't lacked since.

And Gemma is just so WEE. People will say she's getting bigger and I'll nod and say she is and then I'll begin to believe it. So I weigh her and...she crosses over the 15-lb mark only with her clothes and (wet) diaper on. *sigh* And you should see her slurp down a bowl of oatmeal with whatever manner of vegetables or fruit (or both) I manage to mash up. I purchased very little baby food for Donovan and I made a sort of bet with myself that I wouldn't buy any (besides that iron-fortified baby cereal since I haven't figured out a safe way to fortify my own) for Gemma. So far, she's a fan of just about anything I give her - most recently blueberries and apricots (note to self: ease up on the blueberries - I can only handle that color poop once a week). So I don't get it. She continues to not barf and poop every other day or so. I'm not sure where she is hiding it. It certainly isn't going toward hair growth.

she loves her sister (applicable to either, really)

many a moment is spent gazing into these blue eyes

Well I don't know. I mean, I *guess* she could be teething.
What makes you ask?


Dawnette Coltrin said...

At least she put both hands in he mouth... and not her feet