Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night, I was going to write about the blizzard that hit. But then I thought about a big bowl of popcorn and snuggling down under a blanket and, well, I think it's pretty obvious what won.

All winter the weatherpeople will say, "Snow is coming!" and all winter, it really hasn't. So although they were forecasting 12-16" for Thursday, I wasn't going to let that stop me from taking the kids to Monkey Business. We had arranged to go with some other friends, and that morning, we were in almost-constant contact trying to decide if we'd really go. The streets, at that point, were clear. Giant flakes were starting to come down, but nothing dramatic. The thing was - I had already told my kids we were going. AND, I had already said I would pick up three other kids on the way. I would rather walk naked to the mailbox than tell these children that we weren't going to go. So I finally told all my friends I was going and that we would leave if the weather took a turn for the worse.

So off we drove, and we were very pleased with ourselves upon arriving. The kids had a glorious time running and climbing and jumping and sliding. At one point, Donovan ran his fingers through his hair, that stood up from the sweat, and said, "Man, I am going to need a SHOWER after this!" before sprinting off again. I am in love with the idea of my kids playing so hard they have to hit the showers afterward.

A couple hours later, one of my friends left and then called and said, "You guys should leave now - it's bad out here." I relayed this information to the remaining friends and, as one, they stood and we exited the building. And it was bad. REAL bad. What took 20 minutes to drive there, took one friend two HOURS to drive home. We just went v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y. At one point it was what I've come to realize "whiteout" means. That is some scary stuff! You can't see ENNUH-FING, as Donovan said.

Joel had come home early, as had just about everyone, it appeared. The rest of the day was just a lot of looking out the window, agog at it piling up. Grateful we weren't in it. And with a small tinge of relief, like we had avoided certain doom. Sound dramatic? It totally warrants extreme language.

Perhaps next time I'll take the weatherman's warnings a little more seriously. Today, of course, it's sunny and the snow is melting off the streets and sidewalks, but plenty around for sledding. It's so bright, that I have to close some of my blinds, or wear sunglasses inside. That's a little ridiculous. But better than walking naked to the mailbox.