Monday, April 27, 2009


Are you kidding me? Yesterday was chilly, and then it began to rain. Lovely! We need the water. What we don't need? To wake up to another 6 inches of snow. Arrrrrrrgh! As I stumbled, bleary-eyed, into the bathroom this morning after a glorious 7-straight hours of sleep (hooray, Gemma!), Joel called from the shower, "It snowed last night!" I was too startled to even challenge him. This is not something he would even think of joking over. "FRICK!" My volume made even me jump a little. I separated the slats of our blinds and...


(this picture is from a week ago - the snow was so heavy
Joel had to shovel it off the trampoline because it was sagging so much)

The upside is that it's already melting, sending vast rivers down the gutters, and steam rising from the streets. But it's cold and it's wet. I guess today is cookie-making day after all.