Saturday, April 25, 2009

still finding glass, two years later

Remember this story (from livejournal) entitled "Heart Attack" from March 12, 2007:
So I'm driving home from the outlet mall and I'm still about 20 minutes from home when this rock (probably the size of...a plum? a small tangerine? an avocado pit? something like that) comes hurling at my windshield and I hear this loud CRACK! I flinched and then looked - NOTHING! Wow! Amazing! That was really loud. I thought for sure that would chip my windshield. Huh. I do have that crack on the other side. Amazing. Nothing? I'll just look closer. Nope. It's good. Wow. What a great day - not a cloud in the sky. It's almost 70 degrees here at 11 am. I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it's really quite pretty and there's no traffic and what a great place to live. I'm so glad we moved here. I'm so lucky to be alive and have this little boy back there chattering away - what IS he saying? - how lovely. Oh looky there, I'm a couple thousand miles away from 50k miles. I wonder if I should schedule a tune-up? Or is that 60k? Hmm. I'll have to find out when I get home. What an unbelievably gorgeous day it is.


What's that sound? I turn my head slightly to the left just in time to see my entire door window shatter in on myself. AAAAAAAACK! I scream. I'm covered in glass. It's everywhere. I look in my rear-view mirror. Donovan smiles and points and says, "Bubbles!" Remember how I'm in the middle of nowhere? Well good thing an exit is actually coming up. I take it, without looking at it, only to discover that it's just ANOTHER FREEWAY. And one I'm entirely unfamiliar with. So I pull over on the new freeway, flip on my hazards and call Joel. His phone rings once and goes to voicemail, so that tells me he's in a meeting. So I call again and this time he answers and I totally lose it on the phone. No worries - he's my rock, and that's why I need him to tell me to calm down, just focus on getting home, etc. etc.

I had to clean out some of the glass since some of it was now under my bum (ouchie!) and some had gotten into my sandals. I have about a zillion tiny cuts that aren't bleeding but sting like the dickens. And since I didn't have the cell phone number for the girl picking Ainsleigh up, I called another friend who DID have the other girl's number (she just got the new number). yada yada yada - I got home and I'm fine and really grateful that I had my cell phone with me (I had actually left without it this morning and really didn't want to go back for it but it just kept nagging at me, so I did) and that while Donovan's seat was surrounded by shattered glass, there wasn't a speck on him or in his seat. As I was cleaning out some of the glass (I still need to go back with a vacuum), I was discovering wee shards everywhere. Like in, say, the tissue box!

Holy moly, it's so great that we're having such gorgeous weather because it's really hard to be down for very long. But I'm pretty sure I have about a thousand gray hairs now. And, in retrospect, it did kind of look like bubbles.

This morning I was vacuuming out my car and I'm STILL finding bits of glass. And it's not like I only clean/vacuum out my car once a year. Try twice a year. But still! They are a kind reminder of the day I almost threw up my heart. Now I'm in the mood to blow some bubbles.