Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Remember how you're probably the whitest person most people know?
Remember how you buy sunscreen from Costco and have it stashed everywhere - car, garage, kitchen, bathrooms, diaper bag, etc.?
Remember how you were disgusted by that doctor who, at Donovan's 18-month check made a huge production about pointing out that he has RED HAIR and redheads have fair skin and burn reallyreally easily and that you should use sunscreen? And you slowly looked upward as if double checking your own hair color, before letting your eyes fall back onto his face and slowly saying, "Yeeeeeeeeah, I've got quite a bit of experience in that department"?

Boy do you have mud on your face. Because here's the thing - yesterday morning? You slathered your children in sunscreen all well and good. And then you worked out and took Donovan to school. And then, already stinky, you decided to plant your garden. In your workout tank top. In the intense (although coolish) Colorado sun. For TWO HOURS. And then after lunch you mowed the lawns. Still stinky. Still tank-topped. Still un-sunscreened.

Maybe you should call that doctor and apologize for mentally calling him an idiot. Because I think it's pretty clear, here, who has earned that title.



laura said...

Ouchhhh. I bet that shower felt REALLY good.

Nataluscious said...

What, no pictures?