Friday, May 1, 2009

ipods and happy moods

While walking home from Ainsleigh's school yesterday:

Donovan: See dis pocket? It's for my ipod.
Me: Your ipod? Do you have an ipod? (this is a reasonable question since Ainsleigh made a laptop for herself out of paper and refers to it every now and then - I hadn't seen an ipod yet, but you never know)(also, I didn't realize he knew what an ipod was)
Donovan: Well, no. But I'm going to GET one.
Me: Really. Why do you need an ipod?
Donovan: So I don't have to borrow Ainsleigh's radio (cd player) anymore.
Me: That sounds reasonable. What do you want to listen to on your ipod?
Donovan: Well...yittle dar-wing and udder songs.
Me: The Beatles?
Donovan: What?
Me: The Beatles - that's the name of the band that sings Little Darling (Here Comes the Sun). They have a bunch of songs. Actually, that's a pretty good idea. I could give you a bunch of cds with the Beatles.
Donovan: Well. Sometimes I like to listen to birds.
Me: Sure, I've got a cd of The Byrds. Your grandpa would be proud. They're a bit before even MY time, but a necessary part of your musical education.
Donovan: Ok, Beatles and Byrds. Can I have an ipod now?

I love having conversations with my kids where they totally don't get what I'm saying. Well, they THINK they do, but they don't. I have great fun at their expense. This was a particularly lovely conversation following a couple days where I debated the ethics of listing children for sale on Craigslist. Luckily Donovan toned back the happy-screaming-laughing-whining-crying-kicking-all-before-10am emotional rollercoaster he seemed to be on. (note: worst.rollercoaster.ever.)

In other positive news, I'm pleased to say that whatever it was that had me laid out on the couch (perhaps it WAS swine flu and I'm now immune. I should totally work on the antidote and become a billionaire - I'm ON it!) only lasted about 18 hours and yesterday started at the crack of dawn with me bounding out the door to meet a friend for our bi-weekly morning jaunt, followed by baking bread, sewing, gardening, making pizza dough, folding some laundry, washing dishes, playing outside, and generally feeling pleased with myself.

Come to think of it - I started my day listening to my ipod. Maybe that IS the key to everlasting happiness.


Gweneth said...

I miss you, Sarah. Love the pictures. Skim your rhetoric. You are a talented writer.