Sunday, May 31, 2009

a lesson at dinner

At dinner, we're eating salad comprised of about 4 lettuces, cucumber, an assortment of bell peppers, and some snipped basil, cilantro, Italian parsley, and green onions. Joel picks out a stick-like piece and asks if it's a chive. I think about it, but no, I didn't put chives in this time. He asks if it's a piece of grass. I think about it, wondering how a piece of grass would get in there and suggest he bite it and tell me what it tastes like. That's when I remember that perhaps it is a piece of grass, picked up when I was cutting off lettuce leaves since we just mulched the plants with our lawn clippings. Joel, who has already taken a bite, looks back at the piece and shakes his head a little disgustedly, saying, "I don't know how cows do it." Ainsleigh, who is about to take a bite of said salad, pauses with fork mid-air, casually motions with it and dryly says, "It's because they have flat teeth," before taking her bite. There's a slight pause as her response hangs in the air. My eyes meet Joel's. I begin to laugh. Joel sits back and lets the laughter consume him. Donovan doesn't get it but laughs anyway. Gemma laughs because that's what she does. Ainsleigh almost defensively shrugs and says, "What?! That's what I learned in science!" Thank you, public school system.


wanda said...

I love her and her matter-of-fact way. She rocks. Oh, and the new movie "UP" has a cartoon little girl that I swear was modeled after Ainsleigh (in looks). Totally. Down to the missing tooth. (Except hers has probably grown back in.)