Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yesterday, I bought that big beautiful lemon cake they have in the Costco bakery section. Every time I'm there, it whispers to me and every time I muster all my willpower to ignore it. Sure, I'd love a slice. But a whole cake? I'd need a special occasion or guests or something to warrant its purchase. Enter: my birthday.

Donovan, on the other hand, was distraught. Because, after all, there was a big beautiful CHOCOLATE cake sitting right next to it. And that was what HE wanted. But it's my birthday, I tried to tell him. "But don't you yike choc-wit, mom? Choc-wit is so better." He makes a valid point. But I don't WANT chocolate (right now). I want lemon. LEMON. And he persisted. Honestly, at this point, I was amused. I heard myself arguing with my 4-year-old, But it's MY birthday.

So he threw down the only threat he could think of. "Fine. But I'm not going to yike it." Dude. First of all? you don't have to eat it. Second, it's CAKE. He whined, I'm not even kidding, all the way up to the checkout counter, all through unloading our purchases, all while we walked over to the pick-up window for our churro (at this point I was considering the beauty of an all-churro cake - I'm ON it!), all out to the car, and most of the way home, broken only by his munching on the sugar-and-cinnamon-coated-fried-dough (mmmmmm). At this point I was reassuring him that I would not MAKE him eat any cake at all. That I would be perfectly happy to share it with just daddy, Ainsleigh and Gemma.

It was only as we were unloading the food that he very dramatically threw back his head, eyes closed, and huskily said, as though it drained the last ounce of energy from his body, "Ok fine. I GUESS I'll have some of duh weh-mon cake." *huge sigh*

Imagine me clapping furiously while jumping up and down in place and squealing!! Or not. The point is, this year my birthday is on a Sunday and that kind of blows since it's a church-and-home day. A more righteous me would glory in the idea of spending three hours at church, nearly two of which singing with children (ha - but I made them learn a new birthday song to honor me. best.chorister.EVER.). Instead, I've amassed all of my free food coupons and for the next week, I'm going to go out to as much free food as possible. Take THAT calendar. And the calendar is looking at me in much the same way I looked at Donovan when he threatened to not eat my cake. Big whoop.

It's my birthday, people. Eat some cake.


Tennille said...

Happy birthday! And I didn't know you were the chorister. That's awesome.

Alice said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe I will make a cake today:)

Allison said...

Lemon over chocolate?!?! Why didn't you just get a CHEESE cake? Oh, wait...that would be good. I meant a gorgonzola cheese cake.

Happy birthday, gaybee!

Melin said...

I think you should eat your cake in front of donovan and never offer him any. Its your birthday- make it funny.

Happy birthday. I ate cake and an unnecessary amount of cookies too.