Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An amendment.

Last night, as I typed up my frustration with yesterday, Ainsleigh and Donovan were upstairs in the bath. It's something they enjoy, and it's a way I can corral them and minimize messes. Gemma was already asleep after a particularly grumpy afternoon. I suspect it's teething. Or it could be that her afternoon was ruined upon waking up from her nap soaking wet. You know, for the most part I really do like cloth diapering. But every now and then we go in these spurts, if you will, of leaking. For the third time in two days, I had to strip her bed down and wash everything, not to mention that the wee lass was soaked. I'd be grumpy too, if I awoke in a pool of urine. But I digress.

So Gemma was asleep and the kids were in the bath. As I finished my previous post, I took a deep breath and braced myself for the whining that would surely ensue upon my appearance at the doorway. Heavily, I plodded to the base of the staircase. But then...what did I hear? The kids coming down the upstairs hall? And around the corner they appeared, whispering so as not to disturb Gemma (whose door they were now standing outside of), dry and pajamaed. I stopped at about stair 5.

"You GUYS! Did you dry yourselves off?!" They nodded. "By yourselves?!" They nodded emphatically. "You GUYS!!!! This is the nicest thing you've done all day!!" I squealed. They rushed down the stairs and threw themselves into my arms. It sounds like a small and dumb thing, but you know what - it was really quite awesome. The day ended on an up note.

(and for the anonymous suggestion that Dono's behavior is linked to Ainsleigh's summer break, yes I'm sure in some part it is. Most of the time, they play really well together. I'm really grateful that they are such good friends. But lately, they'll be in the middle of playing NICELY and he'll just haul off and hit her. What IS that? I think we're all trying to figure out how to deal with each other on a more constant basis.)

And this morning? I awoke to Donovan dressed, his bed made, and a shower of kisses on my face interspersed with declarations of love. "I wuv you so much, mom. Today wihw be a GOOD day." I looked out the window to where sunlight(!) was lighting my back yard and then back to this little guy's face alight with joy. I had to agree. Today WILL be a good day.


Lisa said...

Now, THAT'S a happy ending. I love it.