Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ba-ba, you home?!*

It had been only a few hours since we had dropped her off, but as Donovan gazed as his dinner plate and mournfully said, "I miss War-uh," I could only muster a half-grin and agree, "Me too, buddy. Me too."

Last weekend Laura came to visit and it was spectacular. Never mind that my kids got sick and we managed to pack her back off to NYC with her very own fever and congestion, it was because even our white blood cells wanted in on the increased activity. Want a list of the food we ate? Of course you do. Let me preface it by saying that Saturday morning, before we ate anything, we went for a 4.75-mile run, so that totally negates any (and all) overeating we may have done. We ate:

steak quesadillas
steak salad
thai chicken curry
chocolate chip cookies
ice cream
various cheeses and crackers
beef tenderloin
not-salmon (courtesy of Uncle Bob, though I cannot remember what it really was - it looked like salmon, but it wasn't)
green salad
lemon cheesecake topped with lemon curd
frozen key lime pie
chinese chicken salad
creme brulee french toast
potato chips
onion dip
lots of freshly baked bread

Ok, that's enough. I'm not going to mention which things showed up twice (or thrice) and I'm going to pretend to still be bewildered by an increase in the number on my scale.

*refers to what Donovan, with scratchy voice, would say every evening Laura came home from work when she was living with us. *sigh* those were the days.


laura said...

I still dream about that key lime pie. And thanks to my sickness, the number on my scale is actually 2 pounds LOWER than it has been lately. Best diet ever!

John B. said...

FYI, it is called steelhead.