Sunday, June 21, 2009

good ideas

My dad always has good ideas. Between the ages of 5-8 or so, he would wake me up at crazy hours and carry me into our back yard where he had already moved a rocking chair, and together we would sit and watch the eclipse of the moon. As I got older he would dissect frogs or take us on walks or treat us to ice cream and movies or take us on any number of exciting trips. In high school, he was the one who successfully taught me to drive a stick shift.

Recently Joel and I were talking about dads and the roles they play in lives. I made some comment about how we're past the age where our dads are our dads (this made sense at the time - at least to me - I meant the tucking in and the cleaning wounds and everything like that). Joel was quick to remark, "Your dad is still your dad. You can, and do, still ask him things and he still gives you wise counsel. He'll always be your dad that way." He's right. My dad's unwavering determination that "everything will work out - it always does" has been an anchor in my life. But more than that, it's my dad who has been an anchor.

I've been thinking a lot about that lately. About how both of my Grandpas were true patriarchs of their family. Both had enormous and obvious love and respect for my Grandmas. Both loved and supported their children and gave them better lives than they themselves had. And my parents, in turn, have carried on that legacy.

I watch as Joel sits at the kitchen table with Ainsleigh and Donovan, creating a game of taking notebook of faces he compiled, and showing them how to add detail or new lines to turn those faces into something completely different. I listen as he goes upstairs to get Gemma up from her nap and change her diaper. I see as he comes in with my children and we gather together as a family, and go outside to our backyard and enjoy the beautiful summer's day, and I know that my children will be able to depend on their dad the way I can on mine.

I reflect on my Grandpas, my dad and my husband who are, by far, the best fathers in the world, and I think that a single day of recognition isn't nearly enough. That being said, perhaps I should get off the computer and go cook a dinner worthy of him. I have some good ideas too, sometimes. I guess I get that from my dad.

Happy Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

I loved catching up on your blog. It looks like you had a great trip to Idaho- I just wish we were still there so we could have seen you! Did I just really say i wish I still lived in Idaho? Your family looks gorgeous in the pics and the BYU pics were great! Heather