Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IDAHO: Wedding and Wilderness, part II

When my parents took me to college for my freshman year, we were walking on campus and my dad said, with a somewhat sheepish grin, "I feel like I could just come back to school here and fit in." For a smart guy, I thought this was perhaps the dumbest thing he could say. Daaaaaaad, of COURSE you wouldn't fit in. You're in your FORTIES. I rolled my eyes, a little disgusted, yet part of me wanted just to hug him as he looked around smiling and seemingly excited. Aww dad, you're cute, I thought. Cute and old. And I shook my head.

So it was with repentant affection that I walked around our alma mater and had those very same thoughts cross my mind. And then, before I could voice them, to hear Joel say, grinning, "You know, I kind of feel like I need another degree." I excitedly nodded and squealed, "Me too! What are YOU going to major in?" Joel thought a second and then pronounced, "Math." Which is hilarious because he's not really a math guy. But that was the exact argument he gave for why he SHOULD study math.

The things is, when we were there, we kind of got ripped off. The bulk of our years there found our campus under massive renovation. Now there are no giant pits, no jackhammering, no hammers and saws and guys tromping around in thigh-high cement-caked boots. Now it's gorgeous.

We showed the kids where people went to class ("They just sit there and listen?" Ainsleigh asked. "Yeah. And maybe text their friends," Joel replied. "What's text?" She asked. "We'll tell you when you go to college.") and where the football team practices, which was currently hosting several intramural soccer games, much to Donovan's delight ("Can *I* pway heew? Dare weewy weewy good." "If you do well enough in school, yes you can play here some day.").

Looking around, watching our kids run around and constantly ask, "Where is BYU? Is THIS BYU?" and trying to explain that it was ALL BYU, while also trying repeatedly to explain that no, we were not going to get to watch a football game to Donovan, we realized that even if we ever did go back to school, it would be vastly different from the time we were there, even if it is better landscaped now. I recognize that it's ridiculous to think we could fit in, just as I'm sure my dad recognized that. But it's still a fun daydream. And only supports what an incredible wonderful time we had there. Oh, and the education was good too.

Mesmerized by bubbles

Is THIS building BYU?

"I'm going to wern about science stuff. I wike bugs and...science."

not to be distracted from bug-watching

Good face, Ainsleigh.

Visiting my amazing friend Yvette (and her newest, Zoe),
from whom Gemma's middle name comes.

Stay tuned for part III tomorrow, when I'll actually finally really get to the wedding part of the trip. We've had a little family meeting and "we" have set a goal not to take a thousand pictures in a month. Like, 500 would probably most likely totally be ample.


Melin said...

college is like the best thing on earth. heaven will be college.
you look fantastic by the way--how can you always talk about food and not be fat?