Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IDAHO: Wedding and Wilderness, part III

It's been a rough past couple days. The kids have been sick and we're all going a little crazy. Except for Ainsleigh who just fluctuates "pretty good" to "dizzy AGAIN." I'm not really sure what is going on, but hope that it clears out soon. There's a major mothering instinct that comes out when your child is looking at you, glassy-eyed, flushed-cheek, somewhat lethargic, and they say, "I don't feel very good." You can drop everything and sit down and cuddle and talk and soothe. In some ways, I kind of love when they're sick. But maybe just for a day. In any case, it kind of disables their independence and slows down their speed and it's kind of like they're small and vulnerable and mine again. Maybe that's why, as I scrolled through these pictures, my heart clenched on the last one. Ainsleigh's expression there is one I've seen from the time she was only months old. Seeing it, right there, as a seven year old was bittersweet. She's still my little girl, but she's not little. Man, I love that girl. I love that she is liberal with the hugs and the "I love you"s and the notes on my pillow. I love that she is so good with her brother and sister. I even love the stubborn streak in her, hard as it may be to admit that. I do not love seeing her so forlorn and feverish. Get well, Seesee.

Ainsleigh and her cousin Sydney
(flower girls not really doing flower girl duty)

this one, again.

Us. I'm not even going to address some of
the weird things in this picture. But they're there.

On the job.

Here comes the bride.

They said I do!

Joel and his Mom


Aunt Katherine and the girls


Lisa said...

Dude, Jonathan and I are sick too! Let's blame it on Laura bringing her NYC illnesses across the country :)

NancyO said...

It's funny, because RA and I were just talking yesterday about how she always kind of liked it when her kids were sick. She really felt needed and they're quieter too. Grandma was the same way. Great pictures!