Monday, June 15, 2009

IDAHO: Wedding and Wilderness, part V

We left Boise and headed east to The Great Wilderness. There was some truly beautiful countryside and then...Craters of the Moon National Park. It was crazy - rolling green hills/pastures/whatever and then suddenly, black volcanic rock with some very determined vegetation clinging to it. We pointed out the peaks that were (are?) volcanoes and went into the visitor's center. The kids were very eager to know when the volcanoes would erupt again, but a time frame of 2000-200,000 years from now is kind of hard to grasp. So I basically told them they wouldn't. Because really, anything that doesn't happen in our lifetime (and, in Donovan's case, in the next 15 minutes) doesn't really matter, right? What DID matter was that I had gummy bears back in the car, so wasn't it time to get rolling?

One of those pictures that Joel loves,
if only for Donovan's inability to look at the camera.

Upon arriving at Grandpa's cabin, we decided it was time for a little hike. I love the absurdity of telling your kids you think you saw it move a little. Donovan is convinced that every time we go to Target, he's pushing one of those giant red balls ever so slowly toward our car.

I love the feel of a small, soft, slightly sweaty hand in mine.
I also love alliterations.


Joel (with Gemma), Dad/Terrel/Grandpa and Brian

Joel attempts a self-portrait. But it gives us a moment
to note the similarities in the father/daughter hair department.

Back at the bunkhouse, Ainsleigh pauses for some r&r.


Nataluscious said...

Heavens Sar - I miss your blog for a few days and have about 10 pages to read! :) Loved the updates on your trip, and the pictures. Loved your discussion of marriage. Really loved your feelings about returning to the Y. I think I felt much the same way.

Jeff said...

I have always felt, and it is confirmed the close up pic of Joel below, that he looks a lot like Mike Dirnt, from Green Day. Thoughts?