Friday, June 5, 2009

pictures from the wedding

Hey Donovan! Look over here! Over here! Loooooook!

"My face is looking at the camera, you fools. My eyes are on the move. DEAL with it." *sigh* That's about as good as it gets, though there is something faintly endearing about the way his head is cocked ever so slightly.

Let's see if Ainsleigh can do any better...

*dramatic sigh*


FINALLY. The drool and tell-tale tongue sticking out signify she is hungry. It's awesome - she doesn't really cry, just starts sucking on her own tongue.

Ainsleigh felt very important walking down the aisle with her cousin Sydney.

When it came time for the garter-toss, Donovan wanted in on that action.

He was actually pretty bummed that he didn't get it.

Ainsleigh's turn. Or, rather, Katherine's turn, if you want to get technical.

At least Ainsleigh tried. She cheerfully said, "I wasn't tall enough!"

Gorgeous sunset to usher in the bloodthirsty mosquitoes. One thing about Colorado? We don't really have mosquitoes and I have taken it for granted. After maybe half an hour in the Idaho evening I had acquired no less than 22 bites on my legs and 2 on my FACE. But it WAS a nice sunset.

Happy wedding, Katherine and Ryan. Hope Hawaii was delightful!


laura said...

Wow, I don't think I've actually seen Katherine since... uh.. your wedding? When she was like 12? Anyway, she looks gorgeous!