Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've got some really wonderful news.

I'm wearing a bra.

Ok, so that's not the wonderful part, though the general public may certainly think so, were I ever to forgo such a wardrobe piece, but that it's just a REGULAR bra. No flaps that fasten or snap. No worn-out bands, crying for retirement. I no longer have to try to position pads *just so* to avoid the inevitable rumple-boob that accompanies the art of nursing. Nope. It's smooth sailing around here. It's like a giant cleansing exhale (which, subsequently, I've been doing more of lately for a host of reasons, a subtly more pronounced decolletage being one).

You can't appreciate what a luxury this is unless you've actually nursed a baby (for the record, Gemma has not given me up, it just only happens a couple times a day so I've figured out a sneaky way to make it work). It's totally worth the comfort and relief. I'm considering holding a nursing bra-burning to celebrate since they are well past their expiration date, so to speak, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy an item I may only use a couple more months. I'm sure my dad (and probably a host of others) is completely bored/weirded out/disgusted by this. I don't care. This is a big day, people. A big day. Filled with mountainous possibilities. And more puns.


Tennille said...


I was SO thrilled to toss all of my old and sad nursing bras. May they never be used again!

I also recently discovered the greatness of padded bras. I always pooh-poohed them in the past, but I've realized they're great for giving the illusion that I've still got a nice rack. :)

Alice said...

I just hate wearing a bra to bed. I have no idea why people get breast augmentations. I don't like the size I am now.

Lisa said...

Hooray for real bras!! I was quite happy to pack mine away when I did.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I completely understand, I gave up on them a few months ago and don't even get me started on nursing garment tops!

loewymartin said...

I was thrilled to get rid of my nursing bras! It was like a weight had been lifted (albeit a smaller weight than before kids!)

Enjoy your support :)