Tuesday, July 21, 2009

and now, a word from Gemma

My meanest mom status hit at all-time high last night as Donovan stood in the bath after having played there for 10 minutes and proclaimed that he wanted to change his mind and watch a Backyardigans before bed. Um, no. You chose the bath. "BUT I DON'T WANT A BATH!" he screamed. Your voluntary entry to the tub indicates otherwise, sir. More screaming. To which I replied that, should he choose to continue, would land him in bed without wii bowling or a story. Long, deafening minutes later, true to my word, Donovan was in bed.

In the midst of this, I found solace in Gemma, as is often the case. I love the way she tries to say hi - like she's got the h sound, but can't figure out how to close her mouth. She entertained the people behind us at church on Sunday by making this face nearly non-stop for a good 10 minutes. I love this age.


Becca said...

awww you need to post more videos of Gemma!! She has changed so much since I last saw her!!

Alice said...

She looks like you:)

It was so fun to finally have our own baby in church on Sunday rather than be amused by other babies.

laura said...

Hey, she's getting more hair!