Saturday, July 11, 2009

at least it's not a rusty screw in my foot

When I was in second grade, I was walking across the playground and what I thought to be a rock in my shoe (keep walking, Sarah, play it cool. You're crossing the upper-grades' playgrounds - be cooool), gradually became so painful that I looked under my shoe, only to discover a giant rusty screw sticking out of my foot. Ahhh!

That's the only way to describe the pain that has exploded in my foot as of Tuesday. It was just a minor annoyance at first, and over the course of the day got worse and worse. Such that, when I got up to feed Gemma in the wee morning hours the next day, I could barely walk. It took me a couple hours to be able to bear weight on that foot. I would have thought it was broken or something, except that I don't remember DOING anything to it (and certainly no nail sticking out) and it doesn't look bruised. It may or may not be a touch swollen, but I don't spend much time admiring my feet to recall what they look like regularly.

Actually, it feels like some sort of pulled muscle between the bones of my big and second toes. Anyway, by evening, after icing it a few times that day, I felt well enough to venture to the gym and see how it fared on a treadmill. I managed to run 2.75 miles in 26 minutes, so obviously it wasn't broken. Especially since I felt BETTER while running. Since then, it has alternated between pretty painful, to a dull ache. The dull ache is most likely achieved when I remember to both ice it and take advil. Yesterday I did neither and by evening was not comfortable.

So this morning I wanted to see if running would make it feel better, but didn't want to get stranded somewhere, so the whole family went to the high school so I could run around the (spongy) track and the kids could ride their bikes. There was actually something totally heartwarming about glancing across the track to see Joel sprinting after Donovan who was tearing it up on his "new" big bike, Ainsleigh running down one length, and Gemma sitting in her stroller clapping. As I finished a 5k, my little family was standing there, hands outstretched for high-fives, and I realized my foot hadn't hurt the whole time. Until I stopped and started walking.

So I suppose the only answer here is that I will just be running everywhere now. It's not that I'm taking this running thing seriously. It's that I've lost the ability to walk. Maybe I should carry a baton everywhere and pretend like I'm on an adventure relay or something. Note to self: make racing bib, too (perhaps a Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run For The Cure?). I'm full of good ideas.

If not that, then at least I remembered to upload the rest of those Idaho photos, right? Behold:

Will she ever grow hair?

Uncle Keith and Donovan



Ainsleigh's hair is so long! Oh wait, that's the horse...

Uncle Keith and Ainsleigh

She wasn't as sure about this as Donovan.

Joel showing Ainsleigh how to steer.

Nice horsey.

On another little hike.

Water from a natural spring.

More later. Time for ice.


Becca said...

Dudeeee I am having similar body issues...except not as much pain as it is just annoying. I did this crazy hard resistance training video yesterday and my leg muscle hasn't stopped twitching. I mean, we are going into 30 hours of this non stop twitching!!! And it is freaky to see my muscle move on it's own.

Maybe I'm burning calories still though, which would be cool lol.

Alice said...

That's a weird ailment. Ainsleigh is SO OLD! Holy cow. Before you know it she'll be dating.

I stepped on a nail once. Didn't notice except the fact that I was stuck, because it was sticking out of a 2x4. I thought I was fine until I took off my shoe later that evening to find my sock all bloody.....I got a tetnas shot later.