Wednesday, July 29, 2009

boy for sale

Oh who am I kidding, when he has a day like yesterday, I'd willingly pay someone to take him. Is this a 4 year old thing? I think so. At least, I think I remember Ainsleigh being like this. The way he talks back on EVERYTHING is right up there with whining. Nails on a chalkboard? Sounds downright musical, comparatively. And then there's how, when I'm insisting that he, say, stop hitting his sister with a stick, will walk over and say, 'Do you want me to hit YOU?' um, no. I'd say thanks for asking, but on more than one occasion he has proceeded to throw the stick/sock/toy in question at me. Not hard, just enough that it's like the 4-year-old version of the middle finger.

Last night, I asked him to stop wailing about the state of his room (messy) for just 3 minutes while I rocked Gemma and put her to bed. Three minutes. THREE. That was all I asked. And he couldn't even manage that.

It's nights like that I have disturbing science-fiction-style daydreams (and I generally don't even like sci-fi) that I turn inside out so as to both hide inside myself, and scare the living daylights (and the whining) out of my child. I think that is how certain horror films got their start, probably.

I do wonder if my seemingly cyclical love/frustration with Donovan is tied to a certain other cyclical annoyance in my life. It certainly doesn't help. And, actually, I'm not sure to which occurrence the "it" refers to. The point is, this is my low point. I could go for some Cold Stone. So I return to the original thought: boy for sale. Price: $4.35 He does give good hugs and has an infectious laugh. Does that sweeten the deal?

(ahahahaha - I hit "publish post" and on the confirmation page was this ad:

Oh google, you're so wise.


Allison said...

I should not have read this post. Especially in light of the post I just posted, then saw this new addition in my blog roll and just thought, "well, crap." I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know it will happen, but part of me is dreaming that it won't...

Sorry Donovan is being a stinker--I love that picture, though!

laura said...

Hahaha, you and Allison could not have timed your posts better. And also, that picture is awesome.

Nataluscious said...

oh how I feel your pain. but good.