Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Donovan, in three short stories

A couple days ago I overheard Donovan saying something to Ainsleigh about boobs. "Donovan? We don't say that word." The kid totally knew it was one of THOSE words, but he is also a thinker. He turned slowly, placed a hand on his hip, cocked his head to the side, and with a smirk that told me in an instant he had me where he wanted me, slowly said, "Wehw Mom. I heard YOU say boobs to yo fwend." What? I didn't doubt I had used it, but I have been trying to be more careful about little ears. "Yeah. You were outside and I was in my woom, but duh window was open and you were waffing and you said boobs." There was a pause. And I couldn't think of what to say, so it went on. Finally, I just laughed. "You're right. And it's not a good word. But it sure is funny, right?" He giggled, and through almost pursed lips, said, "Yeah. I wike to say boobs." Who doesn't?

Yesterday I overheard Donovan and Ainsleigh talking while playing (I never realized how much my mom heard and chose not to comment on - I always thought she wasn't paying attention). It began to get a little heated as they debated whether they were going to play garbage men or go on a safari (naturally) and Donovan finally forcefully asked, "You want a piece of me?" Nice. I think it kind of fizzled after that as they compromised (hallelujiah) by being garbage men ON safari (who knew the savannah had a waste management problem?).

And then last night during dinner the conversation turned to how strong Donovan is and Ainsleigh isn't and what they can pick up and how fast they can run and blah blah blah this is an oft-repeated conversation and I've taken to being brutally honest with them ("Am I strong, Mommy?" Ainsleigh will ask. "Not really," I reply. "True," she'll admit. I'm so nurturing). Donovan finally said, "Did you know Daddy is duh stwongest person in duh famiwee?" Yeah. "And he can pick up duh whole house." Um...what? "Yeah, he told me he could." Reeeeeeeally? "Yeah. It's twoo." Hmm. Ainsleigh, ever the skeptic, began to contradict him and, sensing the inevitable bickering, I jumped in with, "Look. Daddy is strong, but he can't pick up the whole house. Nobody can. Ainsleigh, Donovan is just making it up. Just like he says he's 18." Donovan, looking annoyed, sighed, "I was KIDDING about being 18. I'm juss 4. But Daddy weeally said he could pick up the house." Fine. I'm done with this conversation. Ainsleigh asked when Daddy would be home because she wanted to ask him about the picking up the house. "NO!" Donovan exclaimed. "Daddy said not to tehw anyone and to nebber ask him about it again. I juss toed you so you would know. But do NOT ask him," he finished, dramatically shaking his head back and forth.

I would say that I cannot wait to hear what he comes up with next, but I'm also a little afraid.


Allison said...

Ohhhhhhh, Dono....I just want to squeeze you.

Alice said...

I can't wait to listen in on my kids talking:)