Sunday, July 12, 2009

good news...if only I could remember it.

I initially sat down because earlier today I remember thinking, "That's good news. I should write that down to remember it." But surely, if it's such good news, you'll REMEMBER it, right? Except that I've been sitting here gazing out the window trying to recall what it was. And I cannot.

Was it that in the past week Gemma has not only started to pull up (and then scream because she can't get back down), learned to sit back down (less screaming - yay!), say "daddy" a billion times a day (except that she drops the second "d" sound, making it more "dah-ee! dah-ee!"), and wave good-bye (which is more like a heil hitler - arm outstretched in front - but then opens and closes her wee fist)?

Was it that Ainsleigh has, of late, become addicted to reading and I can often find her sprawled on her bed reading yet another fairy book? Or that yesterday, after I finished running, she giggled and said, "Your arms look puffy." Puffy? Yeah, and she my MUSCLES! Ok, I'm really not that ripped, and generally "puffy" is not a flattering term, but in this case? I kind of loved it.

Was it that Donovan is doing fabulous at riding his bike (no training wheels) and his biceps (that he insists I feel every hour or so) are surprisingly hard? No, I think I mentioned that before.

Was it that Joel scored a (free) projector so we can watch movies on our living room wall with awesome surround sound (last night - Transformers - surprisingly entertaining)?


Or was it that, for the first time in over a year, as I ended my day I noted that my shirt was still clean. No dried barf or snot, no food splatters, no mystery marks.

THAT was it. Monumental.

Ainsleigh, catching a fish. Donovan, looking on. Me, looking awesome.

Hey Ainsleigh, whatever you do, do NOT look at the camera. Perfect.

Joel, helping Donovan. Note: when you have small kids,
go to a fish hatchery. It's about as challenging
as their attention spans allow.

Off we go!

Breakfast for Dono

Breakfast for Gemma


Apryl said...

Pretty pictures. Note to self: Buy better camera. Though it probably helps to have a professional in the house.
I'm always witnessing small miracles & thinking, "MUST DOCUMENT". Glad to hear I'm not the only one! (Or the only one who counts a clean shirt as a "miracle"...)