Thursday, July 9, 2009

pita pockets and the king of pop

I was at the grocery store picking up some tahini so I could make hummus. I mean, what's a girl to do when she's about to make pita bread and realizes she's fresh out of sesame paste? I *did* take the shortcut of using canned chickpeas (you say: psshhhht. amateur.), though I am toying with finding a bag of dried ones and simmering my own...

But anyway, I thought a lovely meal for a warm summer evening would be pita pockets with hummus, tomatoes, red peppers (note: yellow or orange next time for more colors) and cucumbers. Except that I didn't anticipate that cranking your oven up to 475 for an hour kind of doesn't help alleviate the warm summer thing. Oh well. Have I mentioned how the surprise hit of my garden (so far) is my lettuces? Last year I don't think they even sprouted. Then again, last year I may not have actually watered the garden, due to a postpartum stupor. So this year I sowed seeds the way my kids decorate sugar cookies - I basically blanketed the growing box with them. I mean, if I plant a hundred of those little things, a few have got to come up, right?

And then I sprinkled them here and there amongst the peppers. Imagine my surprise, and delight, when the earth brought forward results akin to a chia pet. Not only that, but we've had a number of volunteer tomato plants sprout up. It's like last year's crop didn't get a fair shot (see: lack of maintenance) so the rotten tomatoes' seeds had a meeting over the winter and then decided for a second try. Anyway, the lettuces. So I'm not exactly sure how to harvest lettuce, and I've been told it can get bitter here. And I decided I like baby greens better any way, so I've begun trimming it the way you would swiss chard. Or basil (which, consequently, has EXPLODED and I have a sneaking suspicion it's because of what my kids did to them - but I'll NEVER admit that to them). Or your lawn. Just clip off what you want and IT GROWS BACK. More importantly, this is probably the best lettuce I've ever had.

So naturally lettuce was going to be an addition to the pockets (that's what I was talking about, right?). And why not top it all off with (homemade) yogurt. The sad thing is that our tomatoes, peppers and cukes aren't ready yet, otherwise I would have also ironed my apron, put on lipstick and donned high heels to serve it. Don't think I didn't create a beautiful serving platter with the veggies, though.

Wait, that wasn't where I started - the grocery store. So I'm at the grocery store, pushing the cart with Gemma in the seat, Donovan riding off the front, but facing as forward as he can, yelling, "Charge!" every so often, and Ainsleigh walking beside me reading me my list, when we pass a stand or something with some sort of commemorative issue on Michael Jackson. Frankly, I'm more concerned about pita bread and hummus and WATCHING my lettuce grow than anything MJ, so I didn't even give it more than a glance. A few seconds later Ainsleigh says, "Hey mom? There was a magazine back there. And it had this woman on the cover. With black hair. And she looked like a witch." "That was actually a man." "WHAT? Whoa. That's even scarier."

The girl speaks true.


Tennille said...

My kids have made all sorts of comments about MJ's ever-changing appearance. On some show, they did a photo gallery of how he's changed through the years. We all were frightened.