Wednesday, August 26, 2009

curse of the birds

The birds have it in for me. First the creepy bird sitting on my deck. Then today I return from walking the kids to school and, I kid you not, there was a pile of feathers on my front lawn. Like some small bird had exploded. Which, ultimately, is the thing that grosses me out about birds - the chance they might explode. I've seen it before. We came walking up the sidewalk, me pushing Gemma in the stroller, contemplating on what we were going to do or not do this morning. Donovan was pushing along on his scooter and asked if we were going to run errands and, upon my reply in the negative, uttered a hushed, "Yessssss!" But as we neared our house, my brow furrowed, my eyes narrowed and when Donovan said, "HECK," I realized I had audibly said, "What.The.He..." We crept over and squatted down. "What HAPPENED?" Donovan wanted to know. "Did a fox get a bird?"

(honestly, this picture does not do it justice - trust me, it's weird)

My jaw jutted slightly to the side as I surveyed the feathery carnage and gazed, shifty-eyed around my neighborhood. This had to have happened in the 25 minutes I was gone walking to school because I would have noticed it before we left. "I don't know, Donovan. But I think the birds have joined forces. I'm ON to you, birds, and your sick mind games! This means war!" And when people overhear me and laugh, probably thinking that I'm being dramatic for the sake of my children, I kind of nod like, "Yeah...for the kids. Of course."

But seriously, I'm on to you, birds.


Tennille said...

I've never thought of myself as a person who dislikes birds (although, I've never thought of myself who likes them either) but after your experiences, I'm definitely leaning to one side. Birds might just be evil.

Lisa said...

Ummm, that's really weird. I'm steering clear of your place.

laura said...

Is that tree in your front yard actually the Whomping Willow?