Monday, August 24, 2009


I haven't talked about food for like, a week! It's about time, right? Maybe now would be a good time to mention that I bought a side of beef. You know. Because I COULD. I've been considering it for a year or two, but always the problem was storage. I mean, have you taken a good look at one lately? They're HUGE. So this summer when my friend Angie (with whom I had shared my deepest beef desires) called to say she knew someone with cows or something and would I want to split a side of beef (because even THAT was something close to 300 pounds and probably half of that would be better for my family's arteries) with her, I jumped at the opportunity, located a deep freezer on Craigslist for a reasonable price, and opted in. She arranged for everything and this past week, she delivered it.

It was beautiful. Package upon package of neatly wrapped parcels in white butcher paper, stamped with its contents. And yesterday we had our first meal from this glorious cow. T-bone steaks. The verdict is in: money well spent. And honestly, for about $2.70/pound - that's pretty amazing. First of all, that's for things like prime rib and top sirloin as well as the ground beef. And this ground beef is from the roasts and such (we passed on the tongue, feet, tail, etc.). And it's goooooood meat. And I love meat. And I love my friend for making it possible.

Last night as we were eating, Joel was chewing with his eyes closed and decided to tell the kids about where the meat came from. "Mommy bought a cow, and now we're eating it." Great. I can just see the wheels turning in their heads. Luckily (I guess) my kids seem generally apathetic about death. I was trying to figure out a way to soften what Joel had just said when Ainsleigh asked, "And someone killed it so we could eat it?" Uhhh...hmmm...yeah... "How did they kill it?" Huh, I don't know, actually. "So probably someone was hiding in the bushes and when the cow walked by they jumped out and shot it?" I couldn't help but giggle, especially given that she was acting out the sneaking/shooting part, I said, "No. I am positive that is NOT how it happened." But just to be sure, I called Angie after dinner.


Christina said...

Funny timing. We just bought 1/8 of a cow last week. And that makes for a LOT of meat. I think we are set for quite a while now.

wanda said...

I'm laughing the high pitched laugh with tears streaming down my face!

Margo said...

I love joels comments. I am with your mom laughing. I should by a cow. We don't eat enough meat, but we sure love to eat it. What are some of your favorite ways to cook it?