Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MFIO: Day 2 - animals and jousting

(I'm fiddling with the feed settings since these are going to contain a lot of pictures and I don't want to fill up your readers - so you'll have to actually come TO my site to see them all. Enjoy.)

But not jousting animals, though I suppose rhinos are about as close as they come. And before I forget, I need to note that Gemma was fabulous. Out in the open air, she kind of wilted. But once we would hit air conditioning, she'd perk right up. And, occasionally, she'd just close her eyes and go to sleep. She was fantastic.

So. Animal Kingdom. I love this place. I ran ahead of the others (why not just start the day sweating, right?) to rent the double stroller for the older 2 kids (never underestimate the brilliance of a stroller for your 7 and 4 year olds - we had virtually no complaining about walking or being tired. hot, yes. tired, no.), stash our cooler in a locker, and then we were off to Dinoland while my dad booked it to get fastpasses for the Safari (thank you, TourGuideMike for telling me exactly what to do when - I attribute that for our ability to do/see everything).

After doing the triceratops spin a couple times, we decided to step it up and stick the kids on DINOSAUR. I think there's wisdom in throwing your unsuspecting children onto the most terrifying ride they'll go on at the very beginning. Because after that, you can say, "It's not as scary as DINOSAUR!" They...didn't exactly enjoy it. Later, Donovan would profess that it was his favorite, but he also declined any repeat rides.

We made our way through other attractions before taking a break to enjoy the most delicious juice bars I've ever had. I know I've bought those Dole whole fruit bars at my local grocery store, before, but these at this size in this environment made them positively exquisite. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

As the afternoon wore on and the heat/sweat combo began to get to me, I really wanted to take the kids on the Kali rapids, a water ride where getting wet is inevitable and getting drenched is probable. SOME people wussed out (I don't want to mess up my hair!), but the valiant participated and I sat next to Donovan who, as the smallest, also turned out to get the wettest. It was like someone upended a bathtub of water over him. We could wring his clothes out afterward. He grinned broadly and said, "Wehw diss feews MUCH better. My cwose are making me cold now!" I couldn't agree more. He was a good sport and this ride also became his favorite.

We returned to the hotel where we showered, changed and then headed off to Medieval Times for dinner. If you haven't gone, you sit in an arena, divided into six areas and each area has their own knight. Ours was the evil green knight and it was awesome. That place does something to me and at his introduction I began yelling and pounding my fists on the table. Donovan looked at me with huge eyes and a gaping mouth. Then his mouth snapped shut and he blinked and turned toward the knight with a grin on his face as his little fists began imitating mine. It.was.awesome.

One of the best things about MT is the food - it's delicious. The entertainment is hilarious (not always in the way they intend) and the kids were thoroughly enthralled. Even Gemma enjoyed it, despite the excessive volume in there. At one point, our knight was struggling with another knight and I hear someone screaming, "Get his sword! Get his sword! Kill him! KIIIIIIIILL HIIIIIIIM!" I'm a little taken aback because it sounds like my sister Allison and I'm thinking that wow, she's really getting into it. I mean, I'm cheering and booing, but I'm not necessarily calling for anyone's death. So I turn to laugh at her and...I stop. Still. It's...Ainsleigh. Standing up, fists clenched, face tense, and words and an intensity I've never heard her use are spewing forth. I gave her one of those, "Hey there - whatcha doin?" looks. Her face relaxed and she half-shrugged while smiling a little to me, a little to herself, "This is fun!" Ok, then. I think I just had some adolescent foreshadowing.

It was a really great evening and Donovan was in heaven. We left with two new wooden swords (Joel: How am I supposed to fight with him if I don't have one, too?), a flag, a princess crown and a necklace with fairy dust. And full bellies. Oh, and sore throats.


Alice said...

I don't think you went on a waterride...I think that's just all SWEAT!

Becca said...

Umm excuse me but I didn't not decline Kali Rapids cuz I've my hair because my hair was already wet with sweat anyways. I declined because I didn't want to walk around in wet clothes the rest of the day, cuz you know they'd never dry in that humidity, and risk chafing and uncomfortableness!!!

laura said...

Aww, that picture of Ains with her popsicle is SO CUTE.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the Medieval Times emcee on horseback is a good one, and was taken just as he was beginning to reach out and catch Aunt Nancy's room key that she tossed in his direction. And who's the geezer you're talking to whilst enjoying a juice bar. I hope I never look that old.


NancyO said...

Good pics - makes me feel like I was there. Hey, I was! Lucky me! I'm sad that i missed out on Sea World and the Magic Kingdom, though. Looking forward to those pictures!

wanda said...

I covet Joel's camera, but don't covet having to lug it around. Great pictures!

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Love, love, love the last picture of Donovan and his sword.