Thursday, August 20, 2009

MFIO: Day 3 - Beach day!

On Monday we headed to Cocoa Beach on the recommendation of some friends and had a lovely time. An umbrella and beach chairs rental was a must (which we did), as was a reapplication of sunscreen (which we did not). I remained unscathed by the sun. Donovan's rashguard shirt didn't fully cover when he would squat down, revealing a nice milky 2-inch tall strip just above his bum. Bad job, parents. Ainsleigh hardly left the water and we were dumb and did not pull her out (and even dumber, Joel did not pull himself out) so by evening, I began to wonder if the parent-police were going to arrest me. It was awful. Joel and I could barely sleep that night (his made even worse by the veritable furnace his skin had become). We invested in a giant bottle of aloe lotion (actually did that minutes after leaving the beach) which has almost all been used up. All three kids (and husband) peeled (Gemma was hardly out in the sun, and yes she was sunscreened, and yes she still burned) and I am going to forego the spray sunscreen in favor of the old fashioned lotion sunscreen from now on. Lesson learned. The hard way. No more talking. Just pictures.

(check out the cowboy there. I was...speechless.)


Sarah Burgoyne said...

I love that first picture of you, your skin looks so soft :) Seriously don't you love it when you end up with a great picture of yourself. said...

Who's that sexy mama. (you that is, not the cowboy)

I hate hate hate bad sunburns.