Saturday, August 29, 2009

Racing day

It's not doily-lacing, puppy-chasing, picture-tracing, sausage-casing, nervous-pacing, self-effacing day. It's RACING DAY.

About a week ago I was telling Ainsleigh that she'd only get to go to half of the birthday party on Saturday. She instantly began whining and I said, "Well, you can go to half, or none. But I'm doing this race and we're all going." The kids stopped what they were doing and stared. As one, with wonder mixed with a little incredulity, they said, "You're going to be in a RACE?!" I proudly nodded and then realized what their minds were thinking as they looked at each other, grins spreading across their faces.

"Whoa, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not going to win," I declared. Ainsleigh cocked her head to one side with a bit of a patronizing grin, "Oh mom. That is not the right attitude." Heh. How often have I coached them on going into things with positive attitudes? "Ok, let me clarify - I'm not going to win, but I'm also not going to lose!"

I explained the premise of the race (Donovan wanted to know if dads were going to race - not YOUR dad, but yes) and they're very amused by the whole thing. I heard them talking to each other a couple times saying, "Mom is going to be in a RACE!" I had no idea this would increase my status with them.

Obviously this has been on Donovan's mind, because even though we hadn't discussed it for several days, yesterday as we were out running errands, he suddenly said, "You know what, mom? I think you ARE going to win the race." My heart loves him so much for this. I love that he is unrealistically confident in me. Hopefully not coming in last will be sufficient for not coming in first.

But then later I was tying his cleats for soccer practice and, being in a hurry, I was moving quickly. Donovan, watching my fingers fly, said, "Wow, mom. You're a really fast shoe tier." Yep, I know. "You should, like, be in a contest for that." I was amused by his observation and suggestion, but also a little embarrassed because for a split second I thought, "Dude, this isn't even the fastest I can go. I could TOTALLY tie faster than this." lame.

So now I'm going to go prep for my race (read: shave my legs and decide yea/nay on the fishnets) and walk around in my adorable skirt. "Because you can't go fast if you go too slow..."


laura said...

Oh man, that song is gonna be in my head all day now. Good luck poops!

wanda said...

I wish I was there to chant "Don't be last" like we did at your swim meets!

William said...

I want to see pictures! :)

The Johnson Family of Colorado said...


Great pictures. :) Do you really smile when you run? Wink ;)

Susan J