Monday, August 17, 2009

we are returned

I'm attempting to catch up on laundry and bills and errands and all the things that compound the dreary feeling of returning after a particularly spectacular trip, not to mention wading through hundreds of photos that serve as proof that Orlando is not only doable in August, but downright glorious.
the anticipation

what are they looking at?
I give you:

As a brief synopsis, let me just say that it not only met but surpassed my expectations (dare I say hopes?) of what it would be for my children, and my husband who had never been. From reuniting with family members, to the first calculated advance through Animal Kingdom, to the realization that being completely sweaty by 10 am would be the norm, to all manner of animals, dinner with knights, a beach trip, bad-job-parents sunburns, waterslides, pool parties, jumping dolphins and killer whales, feeding stingrays, seeing a walrus up close and almost too personal, realizing I no longer have the stomach for roller coasters, running through a monsoon in ankle-deep water, having lunch with the princesses in the castle, fireworks, parades, a birthday celebration, and a gorgeous resort, I could not have asked for a better week.

More later. And there will be PLENTY more later.

(in the meantime, my mom is totally on top of it - check her out)


ALEX & KARI said...

So glad that you and the family had a fun time. I have never been to Disneyworld but love Disneyland and love the "magic" that Disney creates. I still get teary watching the fireworks there and I've seen them lots of times. I think it's even better watching your own kids enjoy it.

Can't wait to see the millions of pics!

ALEX & KARI said...

PS...I can't do roller coasters anymore either. I have to take Dramamine to enjoy it. I think something has happened with my inner ear since I've gotten older. So not fun! Even going on BART makes me dizzy. You're not the only one!