Monday, August 3, 2009

Why are boys so stinky?

I was at the front door talking to a boy and his dad when Donovan casually rounded the corner to see who had knocked. He kind of circled and was returning to the family room when he let a mighty one rip. Mighty enough that even 15 feet away, it couldn't be mistaken. I looked from the kid (smirking) to the dad (trying not to smirk, and failing), rolled my eyes and said, "Donovan! Excuse you! How rude!" He sort of looked over his shoulder and shrugged, "Dats what happens," and disappeared. By this time the dad and the kid were obviously snickering and I asked, "Why are boys so gross?!" The kid's approval was clearly evident through his laughter. The dad was both approving and prophetic, "Just wait until scout camp." Oy.

When Donovan was just 6-7 months old, I swear he would hold it until I was changing his diaper. And then, legs up, the kid would go for serious volume. I was bewildered. This is obviously a case of nature since I have never nurtured such behavior and most interactions between Dono and my brothers (and dad) have been supervised.

I also don't understand how he and Ainsleigh can be outside playing, doing the exact same things, and when they come inside for dinner, Ainsleigh only needs to wash her hands and yet Donovan looks like he needs a shower. With a power washer. How is this possible? They will jump on the trampoline and she'll come in clean and his feet will be almost black. I.Don't.Get.It.

Speaking of, nothing makes me happier in the morning than to be fully showered and dressed, with the kids fed and dressed by 8:30, and to hear their uncontrollable cackles waft through the window. They have been the best of friends this summer, playing all manner of pretend. I am very grateful that they are such good playmates, and I find myself a little sad at the prospect of school starting.

Last year, I was almost desperate for school to start. I wanted them out of here while I took care of a wee babe. I could barely think straight with the chaos that seemed to grip our lives. But this year...I wish we had another month. Another month of parks and zoos and museums and pools, but mostly of just doing whatever we want. It has been fun and relaxing and lovely.

Of course, we have our big Orlando trip coming up (5 days!), so all is not lost. But holy cow we're going out with a bang. The kids are beside themselves with excitement and, I've got to admit, so am I. We're going to attempt to hit some major parks as well as visit the beach and do some lower-key activities. Regardless, we'll be there with the finest people I know, so we'll bring the amusement TO the parks.

And then we shall return and fall into our routine. But I don't want to think about that right now - it's too depressing. Instead, I'm going to go play the Wii with Donovan. He's getting quite good at it, and I support it because it's pretty much the only activity he does that doesn't require a bath afterward. It's up in my bedroom, though, and if he's playing with the door closed, then I should probably look into a mask of some sort. Who knew such quantities of smell could come from one so small?


Tennille said...

I wish that my kids had been playing together well this summer, so that I could wish for a few more weeks of fun. Sadly, the first day of school can not come fast enough.

Also, boys are just dirtier than girls. It's a weird fact, but it's true.

Alice said...

Finn is only 2 months old and I cannot believe how smelly his little toots are. It's unbelievable. As if he were eating lots of beans or something...just breastmilk my friend.