Monday, September 21, 2009

farewell, summer

Nothing tries my patience more than sitting in a semi-darkened room with my children for two hours during our church's semi-annual conference where we listen to inspirational and uplifting speakers. At least, they're supposed to be inspirational and uplifting. I heard some good stuff. But I also spent a large portion of it reminding Donovan to whisper. Sit still. Don't bang your cars on the chair. WHISPER. Don't get up in Ainsleigh's face. No, I don't have any more snacks for you. WHISPER. Do you HAVE to go to the bathroom? Yes, I'll rub your back some more.

Joel took Gemma for most of the meeting, which required him to spend the bulk of the time walking her in the hall. At one point he returned only to realize he could listen better when he wasn't sitting with us. Super. I get it, it's hard to sit still. Especially when Donovan NEVER sits still. But for the love of chocolate, he couldn't even "be a statue" for me to count to 60. I'd get to 50 (or 38 or TWELVE) and he'd say, "Can I have gum NOW?" WHISPER. At one point, he was so frustrated with me for ignoring him that he declared, loudly enough for anyone within a 10-foot radius to hear, "You are duh worstest mom! You cook duh worstest food EVER!" Which...made me giggle. And anyone who has ever begun to giggle in a situation where giggling isn't appropriate, knows that it is virtually impossible to stop. And, of course, this only fueled Donovan's fury.

A few minutes later he was asking me for gum (AGAIN) and I quietly told him that he needed to sit still to earn the gum and also that I didn't really want to share my gum with someone who was being mean. He immediately threw his face into my laugh and sobbed, "I'm so sorry! You're duh bess mom ever and you cook the bess fooooooooood!" Which...made me giggle, again.

We all lived through the meeting and I did manage to have a few moments to reflect on certain points and focus on how I can work on being better in the future. Obviously, first and foremost, I'm going to work on my cooking. And today is just the day to do that. Today, the last official day of summer, it rained. And, with the temperatures falling to freezing, it should have come as no surprise, but most assuredly it still did, when I exited the supermarket it was SNOWING. Are you KIDDING me?! Actually, I kind of voiced that redundant question out loud (my inner monologue seems to be on the fritz. oh who am I kidding, I don't really HAVE an inner monologue), which I only realized when several people near me whipped their heads around to see what I was talking about. I am TOTALLY going to be one of those old ladies who blurts out stuff like, "Did I put on clean underwear today?" or "Wow, that lady looks like she's had some serious work done!" All stuff that, when you're 84, is semi-acceptable, or at least excuseable. At this point in my life, it's just obnoxious. *sigh*

But the weather has given me the opportunity to use my new winter coat. That's right, I got a new winter coat. It was one of those purchases that I felt a little ridiculous about back in MAY when the sun was shining and we were starting to run our air conditioner and thought, "Maybe I should wait on this one." Except that winter is a sure thing and you get a good deal on coats in May. And really, I was due. I didn't actually realize it until my mother asked me last winter if the coat I was wearing was the same coat she had given me a while ago. I loved that coat. It was a rusty brown color and I think it complemented my hair nicely and it was warm and it really held up for...let me see...when did I get it? Oh my word, I'm so embarrassed. That coat? Is almost 13 years old. It's from the NINETIES. I may as well pull out baggy jeans and plaid flannels and blast my Pearl Jam cd. *sigh*

I do this. I have a teal sweatshirt from 7th grade that I still wear. It's a Hanes sweatshirt and the fuzz has long since worn off on the inside, the sleeves have shrunk enough so they barely reach my wrists, the just not flattering. I would wear it, paired with comfy pants, to study in college and be teased by guys who couldn't believe how 80s it was. Joel shakes his head when he sees it still sitting on a shelf in my closet. I rarely wear it, generally only to see Joel shake his head and roll his eyes. But I cannot bring myself to get rid of it. And, actually, now the color is IN again.

I had a pair of Doc Martens that I wore out. Then took to a cobbler (is that what they're called? people who fix shoes? not a gnome or anything) who fixed the elastic and resurrected my shoes. TWICE. At one point, even after I had purchased a new (albeit slightly different) pair, I couldn't get rid of the old pair. They mysteriously found their way into the trash a couple times and each time I rescued them, much to Joel's chagrin. Eventually, those did receive an honorable discharge.

So I suppose it's no surprise that this coat has served me well over the past 13 years. That's one reason that, when shopping for a new coat, I went back to the place that had provided such shelter and comfort: Land's End. They make a great coat. And wearing my new coat almost took the sting out of seeing those giant white flakes fall from the sky of summer's last day. Almost.

I came home and hung up my coat and then proceeded to begin the process of making a meal fit for a cold wet day, letting the soup simmer on the stove so the smell permeates the house and welcomes the children home. It's miserable outside, but I'm feeling a bit cozy and comfortable in here. Maybe I'll go put on that teal sweatshirt after all.


Nataluscious said...

You didn't even need to describe the coat, or the sweatshirt. They are images burned in my mind whenever I picture my Sarah. :) It sort of makes me sad you got a new coat. And we didn't have snow up here, just the freezing rain. But dang it, if it isn't cold. Off to (not canceled) soccer practice. Lucky me.

wanda said...

You don't have an inner monologue and you wonder where Donovan gets his ability to NOT whisper?

Sarah said...

Touché, ma mère.

Allison said...

Ditto Natalee--as soon as you mentioned the coat, I was thinking "she STILL has that?" But I guess I remember you shoveling snow in it in April. I got a hunter green (!) one at the same time, but that bad boy is long gone.

As for the teal sweatshirt--seriously? Oh, man. Do you still have the matching slouch socks? Maybe you should make a quilt out of it.

Tennille said...

Glad to know that my children aren't the only ones who seem unable to whisper in church. Just this past Sunday, we had *another* talk about using church voices.

Church is fun.

Angie said...

Could we arrange to be in the same nursing home when we get old? I think I could actually look forward to that:) Maybe I could die laughing!

Katie Ross said...

I'm laughing because church is the same experience for us these day. Except instead of words and talking we get screaming, shouting, and full on tantrums. So much fun. I think of you all the time because WHEREever we go there is always, "Oh, look twins, with RED hair. Where does that come from?" I should have a recorded message: My mother had red hair, two brothers & 3 beautiful cousins all have red hair."