Sunday, September 13, 2009

ingredient of the week

In case you were wondering a fuzzy melon is very similar to a zucchini. This is to spare you the confusion that might erupt when you are perusing all the extraordinary produce at, say, your local Asian market, where you have vowed to buy one new thing each time you go (and major props to Angie who braved the semi-sketchy neighborhood and bought a bunch of new things). This time, you look at something that appears to have the characteristics of a cucumber, but the size of a zucchini that has stealthily grown beneath its amazonian leaves to seedy, less-delicious proportions (all the gardeners out there, can I get a holla?!). This is also to spare you from picking one up and then scanning the other shoppers to see who would dare make eye contact with you and hoping that someone speaks English. Then in your awesome American-style voice, say, "Do YOU cook with a fuzzy melon?!" and are pleased when the woman nods enthusiastically, except then she proceeds to tell you that you can boil it or use it to make soap. Soap? don't eat it? "Yes, put it in soap. With other vegetables." Now my eyes are skeptically surveying the produce section, wondering what kind of soap she thinks I'm going to make. Bread, yes. Yogurt, yes. Granola, cloth diapering, gardening, yes yes yes. Soap? No. From vegetables? I don't think so. My mind is racing as I wonder if I'm misunderstanding...ohhhhhhh - SOUP?! She nods. OHHHHHH. Yes. Yes, that makes more sense. Thank you tiny kind patient lady.

I took it home, peeled and diced it, and then cooked it in my green curry with the chicken. Apparently it is quite the staple in Asian cooking. It was delicious.


Lisa said...

You mean you make your own yogurt, but you won't even consider making soap? I'd bet you'd make a rockin' soap. :)