Thursday, September 10, 2009

MFIO: Day 7 - Magic! Kingdom! (part 1)

I still haven't recapped the last day of our More Fabulous In Orlando trip, have I? *sigh* What HAVE I been doing with my time?

All right. Here goes. I didn't sleep well that first night in Orlando, in anticipation of the awesomeness that was about to be unleashed upon my children. That was compounded Thursday night with knowing that the next day was THE day. The pinnacle. The day to surmount all days. I was...excited.

We took the ferry boat over after parking in the AAA-we're-closer-than-you-are-neener-neener-neener lot. The kids thought that was a fun first ride of the day which...hmm...I guess they didn't have high expectations? So that's when we took this picture and the way their eyes were fixated straight ahead had me using all of my willpower not to squish their cheeks with kisses (well, my kids anyway - not so much Becca and Dave).

We landed, entered, and made a beeline for Fantasyland where we spent the majority of the morning riding Dumbo, Snow White, Peter Pan, etc. Snaps for my dad for riding It's a Small World despite loathing the song. We didn't have to wait too long for any of those ride, and thankfully Disney is brilliant at keeping the lines (relatively) cool. And everyone enjoys a good carousel.

We watched Mickey's Philharmagic which was a 3D interactive show, and the kids really enjoyed it. *I* really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed Gemma clutching me for dear life. She did not enjoy it so much. Donovan wasn't a big fan of just about any ride that had darkness. I think maybe the dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom kind of scarred him. Dude, Winnie the Pooh is NOT scary. "I don't wike the way diss is." Though now it occurs to me he might just object to certain things about ye olde Pooh bear. The donkey with his tail thumb-tacked on? Yeah, that's just weird.

Lunch was one of the big things I was anticipating. We were going to eat in Cinderella's Castle with all the princesses and on top of that it was my niece's birthday (I love how grateful kids are about receiving birthday wishes. I was sure to yell it at her hourly. Once I think I caught her looking at me like, "You already said that. But I'll fank you again."). I knew she and Ainsleigh would get a kick out of it, but figured Donovan would just go along for the ride. And then, he saw her.

As you enter the castle, Cinderella is standing there to greet you in her foyer along with a photographer to capture the moment. Donovan was starstruck. I wish I had a video of it. He just stood there, eyes wide, mouth slightly open, frozen. When she turned to him and held out her hand, he kind of did a double take and with a grin slowly spreading across his face, he stepped forward and took her hand as I prompted him, "A gentleman kisses a lady's hand," and with his eyes still on her face, did so. She gave a delighted, "Oh!" and leaned down and kissed his cheek. It was like out of a movie - his eyes got bigger (didn't think that was possible), his jaw dropped to an open grin, and his right hand went up and cupped his cheek. Just his eyes then shifted away from her and fell on me as if to say, "I'm never washing this cheek." (he seems a bit underwhelmed in these pictures. don't let that fool you)

I still laugh, just thinking about it. My siblings and parents were laughing at his response and I remarked that perhaps Donovan just felt the first stirrings of manhood. I think the thing was that up until then, we had told him everything was just pretend or robots or whatever. But it was very obvious that THIS was no robot. THIS was a real woman. A real princess.

It took some prompting to get Donovan to let go of her hand and turn around for the pictures (though her hand is still clutched in his for several shots). Then we went upstairs for our delicious meal, the beautiful room, and the lovely princesses. Even Joel later said that it was totally worth it (well of course it was - my dad treated all of us. BUT, we'd totally pay for it again) - the food was excellent, the ambiance exquisite (and a cool respite from the oppressive heat), and in the space of an hour and a half, got to talk with all of the princesses. Ainsleigh enjoyed herself, as I knew she would, but Donovan was starstruck. Afterward he confided in me, "Mom, dey were duh most be-you-tiful in duh wirld. I'm going to marry a pwincess." Yes you are, little dude. And on the way out, we passed Cinderella again who did a little wave and blow-kiss and Donovan did a little pursed-lip-grin while he looked at me in delighted embarrassment. So I totally recommend that, even (especially?) if you don't have girls.

(more later. time to get ready for soccer practice)