Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MFIO: Day 7 - Magic! Kingdom! (part 2)

FINALLY. The last installment.

After the lunch at Cinderella's Castle, we rode the Jungle Cruise (how many jokes do they cram into those 10 minutes? with every "just kidding" she uttered, Donovan's grin grew. As we exited the boat, he said, "I wiked dat she said 'Juss kidding' so much. Dat was funny." Yes, folks, the jokes go over well with the 4-year-old set) and then walked through the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. It's something that could easily be overlooked, but is a lovely way to spend a few minutes. The kids thought it was pretty cool (though not quite as cool as Joel thought it was, having grown up loving the idea of a shipwreck/treehouse/whatever). A week later when we were home, we watched the movie with the kids. Joel and I were amused at all of the un-pc, totally 50s-isms, and the kids thought it was the coolest movie ever (again, a little bloodlust from Ainsleigh as she called for the pirates' demise). They also loved that they had actually BEEN to their house.

We headed back to the hotel for some naps before returning around 7. The kids were awesome and obediently slept and then ate a snack (dinner?) before heading back for more good times. We hit the Haunted Mansion first. Bear in mind, Ainsleigh has done this before. When she was 3. So I wasn't worried about her. But as we entered the room that stretches and from which it appears there is no way out, she began to get nervous. Not being very sensitive, I prompted her to look up as the narrator says, "There's always MY way" and then with a thunder crash the ceiling lights up with a hanging skeleton. *sigh* Good job, Sarah. At that point Ainsleigh became a little frantic. Even after the lights came on and we proceeded to the Doom Buggies, she was adamant, "I am NOT comfortable with this." That's what she kept saying. "I am NOT comfortable with this." I had to keep reassuring her that it was all pretend and funny and would I ever take her somewhere unsafe and would grandma and grandpa ever take her somewhere unsafe and see how everyone including Gemma was here and it's ok to try things we aren't comfortable with because often we find out we end up liking those things. Still, she was NOT comfortable.

Right about the graveyard was when the ride stopped. Great. But actually that worked out well because as we sat there (me reassuring her that everything was fine because if it wasn't, the lights would come on and we would WALK out of the ride), she got to see the repetition of the mechanical ghosts. By the time we got to the mirrors that reveal your hitchhiking ghost, she was a bit calmer. As we exited the Mansion, she let out an exuberant, "YEAH!" complete with fist pumps. I thought it was because she was finally free. "THAT! WAS! AWESOME!!!!!!" she squealed. Are you kidding me? "That was the BEST ride ever. That would be PERFECT for Halloween!" I could only imagine the adrenaline high she was functioning on at that point. I just had to laugh at how anxiety turned into euphoria. Even now, if you ask her what her favorite ride was, she'll say the Haunted Mansion. Ok, whatever.

The rest of the evening was lovely, definitely enhanced by the falling temperatures and absence of the glaring sun. By the time the fireworks were going off, I knew this was the best day of their lives. Well, except for Gemma, maybe. She had been asleep, but quickly woke up with the first explosions. She was not happy, but at least didn't cry as long as I was holding her and she could grip my shoulders and bury her head in me.

We watched the final parade and exited the park around 11 that night after buying some cherished souvenirs. As we made our way to the ferry, Ainsleigh's face looked pained. She was sad. Well, sad and tired. But near tears that this magical amazing miraculous day was over. The entire week culminated with this last amazing wondrous perfect day. Leaving it behind, well, honestly, I kind of felt like crying, too. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for an unforgettable week.


Becca said...

Dude I think I did cry...you mean I have to go to school now and ride on rides all day? But seriously, every time I see a Disney commercial I want to cry!

laura said...

Heh, Dad did the same thing to Dono in the Haunted Mansion. Poor terrified children.